Four Pillars Astrology ~ Essential Destiny #1

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Enter the world of Astrology and learn the techniques the Pros use....

  • Price: $680
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Language: English


This 1st seminar will help you understand:

· how time influences you,

· the year, day, and 10-year luck period bring to you,

· about your weaknesses and your strength

· what is most beneficial for you and …

In addition to the knowledge in astrology you will acquire, the Four Pillars foundations is an essential tool that gives you a better understanding of many traditional Feng Shui formulas and concepts like Xuan Kong Da Gua and Water Methods.

No prior knowledge is required for this course.

You are about to learn:

  • Index and Introduction
  • Stems
  • Branches
  • The Jia Zi Cycle, longitude, and time zones
  • Charting Fundamentals
  • The Luck Pillars
  • The 5 Elements and the 6 Spirits
  • The 4 Pillars and Palaces
  • The Strength of Elements
  • The Strength of Palaces

You will receive

  • Beautiful downloadable handouts with room for additional notes
  • Video presentations you can view multiple times
  • A practical exercise applied to your chart, covering what we learned in this course, which you can send to Master Olga Garcia and get support.
  • Your Four Pillars Essential Course Part 1 Accreditation Diploma

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  • Index

    We decide our time together and ... let´s learn what Heaven brings to you!

  • Introduction

    This chapter will reveal what is astrology, our destiny...the benefit of knowing our life path.

  • Stems

    Let’s study what are the stems, what they represent and how they work!

  • Branches

    The branches are more important than the stems, they are the boss. You will see why!

  • Jia Zi Cycle

    You will see what you must consider when calculating a 4-pillar diagram correctly!

  • Charting Fundamentals

    These fundamentals are important for the good calculation and understanding of a 4Pillars Chart.

  • Luck Pillars

    The Luck pillars are the dynamic part of your life. Knowing what comes to us ... we can do better!

  • 5 Elements and 6 spirits

    The 5 elements represent a lot of different things. You will learn what each one represents for you.

  • 4P and Palaces

    The palaces indicate the relationship with other people and tells us about time…

  • Strength of elements

    The elements in your chart has different degrees of strength…

  • Strength of DM

    The Day Master has also some strength… and this will help us to see what is favorable for us and what can be troublesome…

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