Discover The Beauty Of Plum Blossom Divination

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Facing a difficult situation and don't know what to do? Let's help you....

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  • Skill Level: Beginner
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This seminar is written by Master Joseph Yu, and presented by Master Olga Garcia.

Are you facing a difficult situation and do not know what decision to make?

Are you surprised by something that you see, or hear, and you want to know its meaning?

This seminar will give you the answer, and provide you with the necessary knowledge to communicate effectively with the universe.

In this course, you will learn how to define the present and the future, as well as what are the causes of the changes, and the transition period between the two.

Everything you do now has an effect. It is the Law of Cause and Effect.

In this seminar, you will learn how to communicate with the Universe in order to make the best decisions.

You are about to learn:

  1. The historical background of the plum blossom divination.
  2. The meaning of each trigram.
  3. How to make a divination and what you need to get an answer from the universe.
  4. Study seven different examples written by Shao Yong, together with his own analysis.
  5. See different case studies, and study how to make divination about the climate, home, feng shui of a house without seeing it, marriage, fame, wealth, travel, how to find lost objects, how a sickness will be and so much more!

You will receive

  1. Beautiful downloadable handouts with room for additional notes
  2. Video presentations you can view multiple times
  3. Your Plum Blossom I Ching Accreditation Diploma

Are you ready to begin..?

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  • Index

    We will define our time together to help you learn how you can communicate with the Universe!

  • Historical Background

    What is divination? Where does this course material come from? Ahh... this chapter will reveal...

  • Synchronicity 1

    Synchronicity, Butterfly effect, Ancient Beliefs, etc. Let’s study how the Universe can send you a message in two ways!

  • Synchronicity 2

    We continue with our Universe messages, as there are many.....

  • Xian Tian Gua Examples

    You will use the Xian Tian Ba Gua Trigrams, but with a special Number & Layout. We need to study Shao Yong’s most famous example together!

  • Divination Methods

    There are lots of ways to perform a Divination and connect with the Universe!

  • Ba Gua Implications

    Each Trigram can mean a lot of different things.... and here we start to uncover them!

  • Interpretation

    When you have problems, or are worried and you see something unusual... it is actually the Universe sending you a solution - how cool is that!

  • Shao Yong Example 1

    Shao Yong saw two magpies fighting for a branch to rest on and they both fell to the ground. What could this possibly mean?

  • Shao Yong Example 2

    Shao Yong was invited by his good friend, Si Ma Guang to enjoy the blossoming of Peony in his garden... You will learn the meaning as well as the calculation method.

  • Shao Yong Example 3

    A neighbour knocked at Shao Yong's door once and then five times more after a pause and yelled… Find out how he knew the neighbour wanted to borrow an axe!

  • Shao Yong Example 4

    Shao Yong was strolling on the road and he met an old man heading the Southeast. The old man looked worried… Find out what happens to this man!

  • Shao Yong Example 5

    Shao Yong noticed a joyful young man coming from the South. We will study Shao Yong’s prediction to this young man.

  • Shao Yong Example 6

    Shao Yong heard a cow mooing sadly in the north, and the sound was touching and full of grief… Shao Yong’s sixth example will give us the clue as to why!

  • Shao Yong Example 7

    Shao Yong heard a cock crowing sadly in the northwest... Shao Yong's last example and you will know what happened to the cock as well as how to calculate it.

  • Time Divination

    Master Yu saw a rabbit running across the road when he went to pick up his mail.... Find out why he suggested that the next morning, a car would crash because of a busted tire.

  • Interaction & Divination Clues

    We are wise to learn that strange things are often a message from heaven, and are a good way to practice our interpretations. Dreams can also be interpreted with hexagrams.

  • Theory

    Observation is important, and if there is no motion, there is to be no divination.... Learn to discern between fortunate and unfortunate images and what they mean

  • Weather - Human - Home - Feng Shui

    We will do a Weather Divination, study Human Affairs Divination and learn how to do a House Feng Shui Divination... without even visiting the house!

  • Marriage - Fame - Wealth

    Here you will learn how to know about you, your marriage, fame and your wealth.

  • Trip - Lost & Found - Sickness

    If we plan a trip, is it good to know where is more suitable to travel… and about lost items and sickness.

  • Guessing Game

    It is a popular game in the old days for people to compete in the technique of divination... Would you like to know about the object that is hidden?

  • Example 1

    This is a special example we will study together.

  • Example 2

    We will practice more with another example.

  • Recap

    In addition to reviewing general concepts, we will see Master Yu's mathematical study of different ways of analyzing a situation.

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