Date Selection ~ Techniques & Case Studies

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Learn how to choose optimal dates for the most successful outcome in....

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  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Language: English


This is a great tutorial for the advanced Date Selection user and shows exactly how to choose the best date for specific actions to create the best outcome possible.

This tutorial is a refresher for those who know Xuan Kong Da Gua, and particularly useful for those who attended the Triple Qi Date Selection Course. (Check out the special Pre-Sale Price!)

Master Patricia Lee first presented this webinar to advanced students in July 2018 with such resounding success that the decision was made to offer this as an online study.

Hear Patricia interact with her students and colleagues to navigate the details of choosing the best date for a specific action.

Watch as Patricia shows you how to use Chinese Metasoft software to define the best search and showcase optimum dates to use.

Education is forever a great investment ~ Watching a Master interact first-hand with your education: Priceless!

Enrol in this course today and activate your life, your world, your career!

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  • Fine Tuning Exact Dates For Optimum Success
  • More Case Studies & Sovereign Gua's!

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