There’s so much inside Chinese Metaphysics, and it can become confusing all too quickly.

That often leads to frustration, overwhelm and a desire to dismiss it altogether…

So how about we address these concerns, right here, right now ok!

I know you have questions, and we have answers!

Let’s tackle the most popular Frequently Asked Questions, and you can always reach out to us directly if we’ve missed something you wanna know ok!

What is Qi…?
How Does Feng Shui Work…?
What is Chinese Astrology (BaZi) …?
What if My BaZi Chart is Bad…?
What is Qi Men Dun Jia…?
What is Qi Men Dun Jia Used For

QiMen is a way of looking at the outcome from an entirely unique viewpoint. It provides direction when you may be lost, options when you think there aren’t any and aligns where ‘you’ are in the situation under discussion.

Have we answered your top Q’s and peaked your curiosity for more…?


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