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Host of the popular ‘QiPro Sam’ Podcasts, I am determined to unveil the secret world of Qi (chee, chi) and reveal what others have kept hidden.

Working with Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Face Reading and Qi Men Dun Jia, I help clients transform their lives for the better, each and every day!

I provide design direction for optimal work-flow, forecast annual business plans with strategic intent and advise on staff recruitment. Forever close to my heart though, is working with families and small business owners to provide a supportive foundation for optimal growth!

With over 10 years experience, I have made it my mission to demystify the world of Qi and ensure everyone has access to the information they seek. Whether it’s Feng Shui know-how or Astrology curiosity, I want you to learn anything and everything your mind desires.

A 'one-of-a-kind import' from England, I live in the beautiful Okanagan with my husband Rick, and our children Mackenzie & Spencer. I love fresh powder on an early morning ski run, French press coffee and starting each day with the meditative moves of Tai Chi!

A gifted speaker, skilled consultant, devoted family member, and a trusted friend, you may not have met me yet, but you will….

It's Time!

Why Hire Sam?

Hmm… great question.

It depends; what is it you want to achieve?

  • Stronger health with more meaningful and loving relationships?
  • A more rewarding career utilizing your natural skills for optimal growth?
  • Taking your brand global, with expansion plans and new staff hires just waiting for your attention?

Whatever goals you have; your goals become my focus, and the decision to hire me is the best investment of time and money you'll ever make!

Our work together is based purely on you, what you want, and what you wish to achieve ~ it really is that simple.

Whether you seek improvements on a personal level or business growth on a global one; it’s time for us to connect.

Why Hire Sam…?

Because once you have A Sam, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without one... 🤔

Get Sam!

For You

Your Knowledge is Power, and Your Power is Knowledge!

Wherever life takes you, whatever path you choose, the information you possess in your mind will forever help you make the best decisions. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your life ~ the more you know, the more choices you have.

With a goal to ensure you have the correct information, right when you need it; informative blogs and surprise guests on the QiPro Sam Podcasts is the name of my game.

Ahh, but I think you want more don’t you

With FREE Handbooks, Personalized Guides, all the way to formal trainings on Face Reading, Feng Shui and more ~ your journey of discovery starts here.

How about I ask you this: “What part of your life do you want to improve today?

Ok then, let’s get started.

Learn Cool Stuff!

Professional Speaker

With a flair for the extraordinary and desire to entertain, I am the perfect speaker for your next event! Optimal absorption of any topic is best achieved with a healthy dose of humour and I strive to entertain and be creative in all I speak to.

I love to inspire my audience and take them on a journey that both tantalizes their imagination and sparks their curiosity, and believe an engaged audience is a happy audience. I've always got a trick up my sleeve and incorporates activities with fun surprises and prizes!

Whether a team building event for your staff, an Annual Feng Shui & Astrology Presentation, or a fundraising event for your community, I've got it covered with pizzazz.

As your personal QiPro Sam, I have what it takes to make your next event, the event they’ll remember to ensure you'll have them coming back for more!

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