Meet Sam

Why Meet Sam?

If you want to:

  • Walk Your true path
  • Support your emotional growth
  • Strengthen your own and your family’s health
  • Increase your financial picture
  • Enhance your intimate relationships
  • Activate your career options

Your timing is perfect!

Your goals become my focus, and the decision to hire me is the best investment of time and money you’ll ever make!

Our work together is based purely on you; what you want gain, and what you wish to achieve ~ it really is that simple.

With my extensive skillset in Feng Shui, Astrology, QiMen Strategy & Face Reading ~ whatever you need, let’s make it happen for you!

Why Meet Sam…?

Because once you have A Samyou’ll wonder how you ever managed without one… 🤔

If you are looking for guidance, maybe a coach or mentor I highly recommend Sam. She has built a business model around sharing stories, offering advice, and providing detailed information so you can personally grow in all aspects of your life. Sam is an incredible mentor, a wonderful friend, and has taught me so much. I’m forever grateful for meeting her and happy to share my experiences and journey through this lifetime.

Jamee Moffat
Vernon, BC

Sam’s QiPro Forecast help me get in the right frame of mind for the month ahead and help me put things into perspective. A valuable highlight of what to expect. Sam’s energy is always a gift.

Coralie Seys
Vancouver, BC

Sam has the ability to interpret star charts with amazingly accurate personalized insight that comes from years of experience and a strong sense of acquired intuition.

Diana Krauss
Keremeos, BC

I don’t know how she does what she does, and it creeps me out every time she does it, but I sure am grateful and amazed at what you do for me, Sam! I’m not sure I’ll ever understand how you know to text me, to give me one of your famous ‘heads-up’ calls, but I sure am glad you do!

Ms Trish
Kelowna, BC

Curious How Can I Help You?

There is so much for us to explore together, so many ways I can assist you to align your personal life, your professional life and pretty much everything in-between!