Sam’s Pod Says It All!

Sam’s Pod Says It All!

Get the insider scoop and take your life from ordinary to extraordinary! QiPro Sam is in your house!

On her Podcasts, QiPro Sam dives deep into all things Qi so you can craft the life you dream of!

Sam’s ‘Monthly Forecast‘ expose the Feng Shui facts you need to boost wealth, create harmony and avoid issues in your home. AND she effortlessly shares all the deets on your Astrology so you know e-x-a-c-t-l-y what your month ahead will be. Def a must subscribe!

In her ‘Walk With Me‘ series, Sam shares intimate stories jam-packed with her personal experiences and delivered with purposeful intent and a sassy dash of humour. Oh my god ~ you’ll love her!

In life you have many choices: you can sit on the sidelines, you can watch from the bleachers… or you can play in the arena of life and win!

When some say WTF… Sam says SWN (So What Now) and for that… you’re gonna need to listen in carefully… So get to it my friends, get to it!

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Don’t be left behind, ignorance is not bliss when it comes to your life!