Do You Have Untapped Possibilities..?

I get it, your mind is raring to go with amazing ideas that could rocket you and your business to stardom. Aren't you the go-getter!

You’ve thought it through, checked it twice (or was that thrice..?) created a Facebook page, even begun building a website, so surely you’ve got it all covered right..?

Yeah, ‘bout that... 🙄

Your idea could be the best thing since sliced bread, but if you don’t know how to tap into its true possibility, you my friend are going to crash and burn that toast…

Creating a business out of an idea needs help, and today Sam has the perfect guest to help you!

Heath Fletcher is THE ULTIMATE DIRECTOR OF POSSIBILITIES and Co-Founder of SPROING CREATIVE ~ the creative agency that believes Sproing is the sound that great ideas make!

Heath is also the lead on all photographic pursuits for clients and will give you tips on how to turn a selfie into a star-shot!

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