Feng Shui & Astrology Myth-busting #101

Heard the one about the red door?

Flushing money down your toilet, or that croaking Money Frog?

How about we dispel some myths that have caused quite a ruckus in today's modern world!

We've all done it, heard a tale of fortune, a story of success or possibly a way to excel wearing an amulet, colour, or by painting a door red.... And yet, can any of it be true...?

While some old stories have a wise history that we are wiser to take note of.... many more are simply pure entertaining mythology.

How about you join Sam, Jade & Mr Dapper "Shelby" and find out which myths you need to consider, and which ones you need to simply laugh off 😂

Do I Need A Money Frog Sam?

Will a Red Front Door Make Me Rich Then...?

OMG, Am I Flushing Money Down My Toilet...?

How Do I Find Out More About Me..?

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