So How Do You Like Me So Far...?

Is QiPro a thing, a place, a person…and should you have one…?

The short answer is “It’s everything AMAZING and YES you should have one!”

I am QiPro Sam ~ your one-stop-shop for all things Qi, Chee, Chi and everything in between! 😆

If you’re curious about Feng Shui, fascinated by Chinese Astrology and interested in your true Destiny, you my friend are looking for a trusted source to rely on ~ and you've found it!

The ULTIMATE QIPRO and I want to demystify those silly myths and provide you with information that can reshape your life, build your career and tantalize your senses.

With over 10 years experience, I've seen just about everything!

I've helped families thrive, companies grow and boy oh boy, do have fun stories to share!

Yep, QiPro Sam is in the house ~ You ready for me..?

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