April Forecast ~ Dragon Style!

Ooh, I do love a feisty Dragon, and this month, we have one in the lead!

Ready to here what the month of April is all about...?

Who is possibly in trouble, which part of the house is good to use... and which one isn't...?

I got ya covered peeps!


Well, hello, my QiPro tribe. I'm happy to chat with you again. It is April month and this is a very special month, very close to my heart because it is called a dragon month. And I love dragons. Do you want to know why I love dragons? Well, you're going to have to listen to my podcast then aren't you

Let's go. I just want to give people a place to go, to get information. I want them to enjoy learning about Qi and how it's easy to vote about it and affect change in your own life. So QiPro is here for the curious seekers and for the professionals looking to get ahead. So bottom line, I want to empower people with information because the one thing that can't be taken from you is your knowledge,

Right? So April month is actually dragon month, okay? Because it's a solar month. It began on the fourth. Um, a dragon entered the stage. What that means is that this month is led by a dragon. You're going to see me talk about an element and an animal. And this one is Ren Chen, which is yang water dragon. So it becomes very important because Ren Chen is a very specific type of animal type of pillar in Chinese Metaphysics. And it's a big deal. So let's talk about why, right? So it's not only a big deal because I personally love dragons. I have Ren Chen in my chart. It's something I've learned to tame because it's quite powerful and I'm still learning to do that, but also love dragons. They've always been my favourite animal since I was a small child. Now this month will bring about some awesome internal healing ability, and you'll be able to dig deep and draw out what needs to be brought to the surface and discarded.

Now that's because the dragon, that's what the dragon is going to help you do this Water Dragon is going to help you do that. Now it's not slam dunk people. This is not going to be easy. It's actually going to be quite hard. I know I'll go a little bit deeper as to why that's going to be. You see the dragon is one of the four graveyard animals in the 12 Chinese animals. Now don't ever be fooled or worried by the names I use for some of the metaphysics terms. I'm going to explain what that means. Graveyard just means storage. Okay. Is it has this animal has the ability to store something. There are four traveling animals. There are four graveyard animals. There's all different types. And this dragon stores water. So it's very important that there's the storage of water. The reason Ren Chen is so powerful is because Ren is Yang water.

So we've got water on top of water. You have to think of this like a tall glass and it's full of water. So very impressive if you're thirsty. Not so impressive If you're not, it's too much, it's overwhelming. You don't want to drink it. You've had enough. We're going to hit that this month a little bit. Okay. So make sure you pay attention to the end and hit the astrology because there's one animal in particular, that's going to be hit and it's going to be very emotional ashes too. I think so. Stay with me and pick that up at the end. Now, dragon being the storage of water is great, but water is emotional. It's mysterious. You can actually be quite dark and it's intensely powerful. What is actually the strongest element? Everyone always says to me, well, okay, Sam, there's five elements in Chinese. Metaphysics, fire must be the strongest, right? Because it destroys everything. No, no, no water can extinguish fire. Okay, Sam, then it's a rock it's earth because you know, earth is really strong and rocks are really strong and big boulders and mountains. Nah-ah, water can wear a rock down. It can cover, It's smooth it and it makes it smaller and smaller and small into a tiny pebble again, water wins. All right, you're going to throw wood at me. Aren't you? I know you're thinking about it. So wood is surely stronger than water

Because it absorbs water, right?

Yes it does. We water our plants. They absorb water, but guess what? Water can water log the plants. It can absolutely flood them and wash them away. So again, water wins. Now, if you know your five elements, you're thinking, okay, I've got one. I've got one Sam metal. Yes. Cheeky metal. I'm glad you remembered that metal can be worn down by water. Again. It's like a rock, especially if that water's heated. There's all sorts of ways to meld that metal with water. So water is the strongest element. That's why it holds so much power in Ren and dragon. Anyway, back to April, there's your little lesson on the five elements. Just stay with me here. Water's bloody powerful. Okay. The Ren in this Ren Chen like an ocean. And when you look at an ocean, you can see the waves above right on top of the ocean.

And you might think, look, beautiful waves off into the horizon, And they look gorgeous. Yes it does. But there's so much more happening underneath those waves that you can not see. Ren is consistently restless consistently on the move and you never know where it's moving. So that's the slight challenge here. See an ocean has fathomless depths, it's restless and its tides will approach and recede all over the world under their own steam. If we want to put under their own momentum. And let's not forget that an ocean has the ability to unleash a tsunami. When provoked, trust me, don't pissoff a Ren dragon. They don't mess about they mean business, basically Ren Chen leads. So what does this mean to you this month? Okay, well, let's pull that forward. Well, this month you're going to have, you're going to feel some destructive tendencies and you need to be careful because you might want to, I don't know, go into the boardroom or all guns blaring, right?

You want something on a certain way or you're having a team meeting and you feel that you've got all the answers and they just have to listen to you. Well, watch it because you don't have all the answers. The best thing you can do this month is communicate wisely and calmly. If you push your position, you will get pushed back on. So don't do it. Um, I would even say even a water. Dragon has a fiery temper temper. It can breathe fire. So remember that and I need you to hold that temper in check. So I know you may be sitting there thinking, well, I'm not a water dragon, Sam. I know that we might be, but it's the month. So when the month comes in, this is what you're dealing with. This is kind of the energy that's floating around and that everybody's going to respond to.

So everyone's going to be like that regardless of the birth chart. But if you have Ren Chen in your chart, you're going to do this even more. So you have to be careful in career. You, you can get what you want this dragon month because the dragon is very much about career success, other things too, but it really is a career animal. So you can get what you want, but you must go about it the right way for God's sake. So don't muck this up. If you want to achieve something, do it the right way. I was waiting, waiting to release something with my company this month. Well, actually it hasn't quite happened. We're not quite ready. So I will have to, I'll have to sit tight. Now it's a good example. I wanted to unleash my little bit of anger. Like why the hell aren't we bloody ready?

You know what? Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. 2021 is a slow moving year. You have to keep your head down and keep going. So Ren Chen might bring a bit of a speed forward and a desire to get things done with all this water, this gushing feeling, but you've still got to tow the line. So just be ready for them. Remember, you will get what you want. If you go about it the right way. Overall dragons are high achievers. Um, like I said, the most often associated with career success. So understand that that's what's on everyone's mind and trying to launch things, trying to get things going and trying to push their agenda. You've got to be clever focused and communicate well to get what you want out of the equation. Now, flipping sort of flipping conversation from an, I would also say when you have all this water that comes forward in a dragon like this, we are going to some water disasters.

Okay. Now maybe not here exactly, as I live in a town called Vernon. Maybe not here. I'm not going to see a tsunami in Vernon. I mean, it's just not, we're no nowhere near the ocean, right? So it depends on where you are in the world, but we will see some water disasters. So be very aware of your surroundings and pay attention to nature. If you are in a, in a location that could be of a concern for water disasters. Okay? So it's gonna be depend on where you are in the world, the dragon of April and the arcs of 2021 do not see eye to eye. So if you haven't heard me say that before the ox is the leader of 2021, we are in year of the year of the ox. So each month when a new animal steps up, it interacts with the year they are the opposites or they're buddies.

They may hate each other, whatever right, the dragon and in the ox don't hate each other. They're fine that way, but they butt heads. They have different agendas. They want things done. Dragons, the powerhouse, the Ox is, slow and steady. Put your head down, get the work, done. Two very different agendas, two very different agendas. So the biggest problem here is the ox is another graveyard animal. It actually is a storage of metal, very different from the dragon. And when two storage animals approach each other, they eye each other up and then they butt heads. So this is what you're up against this month. You will, you will be stopped. There'll be things you're wanting to do that you've planned. And all of a sudden your permit is denied. Something happens that doesn't go well, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but it's not forever. It's just for a month.

So just take it on the chin and get back up and try again. When you have two earth animals that hit them. And one of them is a storage of water like the dragon is when they come, the earth will move the water. They work together. It's inevitable. And when the earth moves under the water, well you get the jist, right, that's where the whole tsunami thing comes from. Um, Oh, and if we add some fire into the mix, so on a fire day, it might be month of the dragon, but every day there's going to be an animal and element to when we have some fire in the mix and especially on a dog day, which is the storage of fire. We are likely to see volcanic action under the ocean, which will cause the tsunami. Not really here in North America.

I think we can all agree there that watch the ring of fire by Asian ring of fire. Watch to see what occurs there this month. Because I do think we'll see some action and it will have ramifications for all of us now locally, or, well, I should say locally to wherever you are in the world, I would expect that we'll see some landslides issues with roads, with mud on the roads, with water on the roads, with water coming up from underneath burst pipes, riverbanks done that whole thing and, and movement. So we cannot prevent this it's nature doing her thing. We simply need to be prepared and we respond effectively. All right, now I'm going to take a moment. I want to jump back because I realized I said something at the beginning and I don't know if I explained it enough. So I want to touch on it because I've given you some, some hits there on what the month's going to be.

When a dragon steps forward like this, it's in your best interest to tap into the Dragon's abilities, with emotions, with the deep desires as that is his lead. So it's like, if someone's walking into your boardroom at work and they have an agenda, you better jump on board, right? Because if they're the CEO or if they're the person leading the pack, you've got to follow their lead. So I'm trying to give you a heads up here, follow this, follow this feeling this month, do not be afraid to share your sadness. Okay? We're all going to feel it it's been happening already to open up with someone about a hidden concern, a sensitive pain point as this is a great month to deal with so much inside of you and a month to start healing. Okay? So yeah, I, out loud, I outline all these things about what the dragon can do, but the dragon can help you heal if you let it.

So please let the April month unearth and then remove what ails you. All you got to do is open up, reach in pull from way down deep inside of you and put whatever that crap is on the table and deal with it. If you don't, if you build a wall, a castle to protect yourself, the dragon will try to scale your walls and rescue you. But I asked you not to do that. Please, please don't do that. Befriend, the dragon, let April's dragon touch you. It's not only fiery breath within a dragon. You know, there's so much more there, there is so much a dragon could offer you once you know how to tame the dragon, no Knight in shining armour needed here. Simply love the dragon that stepped forward and he will respond in kind to you. This is your chance to clear some stuff, guys.

So clear it. Alright, let's move on. Let's have a look at some Feng Shui, cause I know you like to know these bits. So here, I like to talk about a couple of areas in your home that are good and a couple that are bad. Now, if you've followed me for a while, you know that there's technically eight directions,

compass, directions all know this, but I don't talk about all eight there's too many. I just find you two really good ones and I give you two to avoid. So let's have a look. The first good one that I want to share is the East. So just find where the East is in your home. Just use your iPhone. I don't really mind how you do it. Look at the setting, sun, figure it out. Whereas the East, that's a great area to spend time. If you'd like to learn something, if you've got some studies, something you need to study for an exam, or you just need to read up on some stuff, use the East area because there's a lovely learning ability there this year.

And there's some romance. So for those of you looking for some romance, it's a good area to spend some time in. All right? Um, another good one is the North financial projects can come together this month. If you use the North part of your home, your home office, your building, your house, whatever you, wherever you are and use it to seal the deal super beneficial. If this is your main entrance to your business. Now, Mr. H, if you're listening, you know who you are, your business faces North, you're facing is North, your front door is North. So tap into this sunshine because I know you're making some big moves and get it sorted. Now let's balance this out. So which, which are two areas to avoid then? Well, there actually are two and one of them I'm talking about all year. So it should be no surprise.

The Southeast kind of a no go zone all year. But yeah, this month, for sure, it's worse. Not a place to sleep. If you're sick, if you are run down, you're not feeling well and your bedroom is in the Southeast, please try to sleep somewhere else. Because when you're sleeping, you're at your most yin state. So you're very susceptible to what's around you. That's why when I'm working on someone's home with the Feng Shui it is very important where they sleep. That's probably one of my most key things I look at because when you're in your yin state, your you're completely open to what's around you. So it's very important. The Southeast this month has just two really bad energies. The two worst energies, actually, I'm not going to mince words, the two worst energies. So stay out of there. And if you're pregnant, please do not sleep in the Southeast for this month.

Just go somewhere else. I don't care where you go almost, just go somewhere else. Oh. And if you are someone that uses water features to activate functionally a be very careful with that because it takes a trained professional to tell you where that water should be. But if you happen to have, um, a water feature, a fountain that you like, and it's in the Southeast, please turn it off this month. It's going to be problematic in a business it can cause bankruptcy, and in a home it can cause much worse. So please turn that water feature off for the month. The other area that's not so great for the month of April is the West. It's a bit of verbal, I'm gonna say hullabaloo, that's the word I'm gonna use. So it depends on if we're talking with a home business corporation, all the different things that could be, but in the West, if that's a key office area, you're going to have pushback from the staff.

They're going to have some negative to say about you, man, oh man, it's not going to go well. So you've got to be very wise and communicate clearly, um, to solve this and to turn it into the right direction. All right. Uh, you'll also experienced some blockages in what you wish to achieve. You're just going to be hit back. So I already touched on this earlier. I said, you know, if you, if you've applied for a permit and it's refused, you think, Oh, how has that refused it mucks up my whole plan. Don't worry about it. It's just this month. Try again next month. Okay. So if you get hit back, especially if you're a rabbit, if you've got a rabbit in your chart, I talked about it in 2021 podcast, you face a lot of nos. You face a lot of denials this year. So keep pushing through the rest of us. I don't have a rabbit in my chart. And I don't know if you do for the rest of us, just know that this is a temporary thing. All right? So that's two good areas East and North use them lots Southeast and West, try not to use. Now, one of the questions that often comes up after I've said this on a podcast or a blog or wherever I've

Done, it is, Oh, well that's my front Door. That's my kitchen. That's my, you know, home office. And I've got to use it. I get that. Then just be aware, just be aware of what I've said, right? You've got this podcast, rewind it, go listen to what I said and pay attention. I don't change my house every month. My door is where my door is. My office room is where my office is. I sleep where I sleep, but I'm also not sick and I'm not dealing with anything really bad. So I'm okay. But the, you know, the goal is to be aware if, you know, let me put it this way. If you know that when you sit in your office in the afternoon, the afternoon, sun's going to come in your window and your office is going to get really hot. You close your blind, right? Uh, maybe you open the window.

Maybe you turn a fan on, you make adjustments so that you can still work there. Why is the same with Feng Shui? Just make adjustments. All right. Just adjustments. Okay. Now I'm going to talk about some astrology. If I haven't given you a snap shot, like a snap visual of what your birth chart is eight. You can reach out to me for that. I'll do that for you, but go to QiProsam.com and just click on the calculator and you'll be able to reproduce your birth chart. So you know which animals are in your chart because you need to know that for the next bit. I'll try to be good and give some hours and years with it as I go along. Okay? So I've got some animals you need to know about because they're going to interact with the month of April and cause a few challenges for you.

So let's head those off at the pass, because now, you know, the first one is, if you have a dog in your birth chart, now, a dog, I've got it written on my little notepad here. A dog is if you're born, um, in the solar year, would that begins around February of 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1980 to 1994, 2006 or the solar month of October. Okay. Possibly between seven and 9:00 PM. All right. Now I really advise you to go to the calculator cause it's going to be better. Those are just approximations to give you a help. But if you born year of the dog or you have the month or the hour of the dog and your chart can't do the day, it changes all the time. You need the calculator. But if you have a dog in your chart, you aren't going to experience a clash this month.

Now, normally I like clashes because they bring about change. And I like change. I think we've got to constantly change to what's going on around us. The problem is the dog and the dragon, all these graveyard animals that I've talked about before. So some clashes are fine. Like fire and water clashes are quite interesting, but earth clashes like this. They're hard hitting. They're emotionally hard hitting. So what, this is what this brings forward is it depends. If you're ready for change, this, one's going to hit you emotionally. You might hit a low. So if you, if you're listening to this and you know, your friend is a dog, you just recognize their year or something. You just know that they're a dog or have a dog in their chart. Please reach out to them because it's going to be tough this month. Overall, this year, they're going to do very well, but they're going to get worn down.

And this is one of those months they're going to get worn down. So give them a pick me up, take them out for lunch, go do something fun with them. Okay? And I do expect that this month dogs, you're going to need to make peace with something in your life. There's something maybe you're holding onto it. I'm not sure, maybe your chewing it over and telling yourself you made mistakes and that this is wrong. And maybe you're bad because of that. Stop that right now it's life is what it is. You deal with what comes along, right? If you did make a mistake, we'll learn from it and move on. Use the dragon month to talk about some of these things, your emotions. If you're not happy, talk about it with someone, bring it out, sort it so you can move on from it.

So it will depend on where this is in your birth chart as to whether it's a personal problem, a career problem, an issue with your home, um, with your corporation, with anything like that. So it does change. It's hard to hit all the covers here, but this is, um, so just be aware of that. It's something I work with with my clients. I give them heads up on these things. The real question though, for if you have a dog in your birth chart, is, are you ready to make some changes and accept some changes? Because you've got to do both. Not only do you have to make some, but you may have to accept something that's placed over you. Okay? It's not a penalty. It's not, you're not being told off. You're not being hit down, but it's time to make some change. All right, let's have a look at the next one.

The rabbit, the rabbit's a bit tricky and I've touched on for, for the year, bit tough on the rabbit, but you keep going. Keep going. If you're born years, 1927, 1939, 1951 63, 75, 87 or 99. You are a rabbit in the year. If you're born in March solar month, you're a rabbit. And if you're born between 5. to 7:00 AM, you are likely a rabbit too. So if you've got a rabbit in your chart, sorry, this one's a harm. This one is you're liable to hurt yourself. This month case. I need you to be very aware of your surroundings. So this one could be actually painful physically and emotionally. So it's not fair. I know that, but it is what it is so slow down. Don't be that Energizer bunny this month and set a slow and steady pace that allows you to get back up each time.

Because remember I've, I've mentioned this and I'm going to keep reminding you, the rabbit does have challenges this year about being knocked down the ox. Doesn't really like the rabbit and keeps kicking it down. So you have to keep getting back up. So you don't do it too fast. Do it systematic, systematically and carefully. All right, dragons, here we are my favourite animal. And that would be me. So if you're born in 1928, 40 50, two 64, 76, 88 or 2000 in the month of April, the solar month and between 7. And 9:00 AM, which will depend on daylight savings. So you have to be careful with that bit. You probably have a dragon in your chart, possibly in your day as well. This is something called a self penalty. And I hate when this when this comes around, I've had so much experience with this.

It's not funny. So literally I have to groan out loud on this one because this is me to a T all right. So what I'm going to get you to do, and what I'm doing is to put my focus on career achievements this month to really just focus on my work and get things done there because anywhere else I go, I'm probably going to cause trouble. So I'm trying to keep, as, as the saying goes, I'm trying to stay on my own yoga mat this month. And I advise you do the same thing. Focus on career. If you push too many hot buttons with people around you, they will push back and an argument will ensue. So don't do it. Self penalty is never fun because quite frankly, we it's. When we cause the problem for ourselves, there's no way of sugarcoating. That that's exactly what it is.

Our actions caused the problem. You can't really change who you are. Okay? You are who you are. I am who I am. I know of course, a few problems this month, but I'm aware of that. So I'm sort of ready and trying to be flexible. And I'm trying to listen more. So I'd like you to do the same. So if you're like me and you have a dragon in your birth chart somewhere year, month, day, or hour, make purposeful moves and lead with optimal kindness. It's the only way forward peeps, right? Only way forward. Now, if you have an ox. So that would be if you're born 1930, seven, 49, 61, 73, 85, 97 or two or 2009 or in the month of January, solar month, of course, and possibly between one and 3:00 AM. You have an ox in your chart that a problem, isn't it.

Year of the ox, shouldn't you be great? You know what? It's not actually a problem. If you want to kickstart something this month, a new, healthy routine, a diet exercise, running, whatever it is you want to do, this is a good month to do it because what happens with the ox in the month of the dragon is there is a destructive situation. So use that, right? It's like, that's the energy that's in front of you. So use it. So what do you want to destroy extra pounds, bad habits, whatever it is do it. It's not rocket science peeps just what's in front of you use it. It's awareness one Oh one basically. Now my last one I have here is the rooster. Now the rooster, this would be if you're born in 1930, three 45, 57, 69, 81 93 or 2005, probably September month, solar month and possibly between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM.

Okay. So an evening evening birth. This is actually quite good. It's a combination. And I like this for a number of people. So a couple of my clients I've seen it in their chart. And one in particular, it's just, things will just naturally click. All right. If you've got a rooster in your chart and that's good. So business wise, that's networking. That could be new connections. You've got partnerships, all those kinds of things, personally, depending on where it is in your chart. This could be a new relationship of sorts and new connection. And that's quite, especially in this year, right after, 2020, we all need a bit of that. Don't you? So, anyway, those are my animals. I've talked about today. As we end our chat here. Cause I love to do these little podcasts and give you a heads up and what's going on.

The one thing I want for you to know, to take away from our time together is that a dragon month can bring about so much higher achievement for you. Okay? There was love to help with career. That is kind of their focus. So unless you've got a rooster in your chart, the rest of us may not have some of that, um, romance or something. We may, you know, it's just okay, but focus on other things use this month to really push things through on your career agenda and be a little extra soft with your personal agenda. Yes, there are birth interactions that I've just listed that are not positive. But for goodness sake, If I can overcome one out there, If I can overcome the self penalty, which is one of the worst ones you can have, I'm pretty sure you can deal with whatever's landed at your feet.

It's basically mind over matter. Peeps, turn a negative into a positive. It's how us go-getters get shit done. So my, my goal was always sharing information with you is to give you awareness. It's not to make you panic about a part of your house. It's not to make you upset that you've got a certain animal in your chart. Your house is your house. Your birth chart is your birth chart. Your business is your business. Each month you'll have opportunities to work with the energy and I've just laid it out how to work with April. So do yourself a favour, have a great month. Talk with your friends, pay attention to some of those ones I've listed that need an extra helping hand that need an extra hug.

I'd give them a hug

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