February Forecast Facts For Ya!

I sure want to welcome this month's Tiger into the house, as it's time to push the boundaries of your imagination, stop towing the line and step up to be your authentic self!

Make note of the two areas I tell you to avoid this month, and be sure to use the 2 I highlight lots to generate more prosperity in your life!

Oh, and yeah, I talk about your Astrology chart too... and that, you don't want to miss!


Does our new month of February raise a slightly cheeky finger to the year of 2020?

Well, yes it does, and you know what? This is the time to awaken your inner tiger. You ready? I'm ready. Let's go. I just want to give people a place to go to get information. I want them to enjoy learning about Qi and how it's easy to learn about it and affect change in your own life. So QiPro is here for the curious seekers and for the professionals looking to get ahead. It's the bottom line, I want to empower people with information, because the one thing that can't be taken from you is your knowledge.So this month I asked the question in my blog, in my news blog on QiPro Sam, does February give 2020 the finger? Well, in many ways it does. Thank God, right? I know I'm breathing a sigh of relief. I've wanted 2020 behind us for quite some time. And yes, ciao baby. 2021 is moving in on the tiger's back. What do I mean by that? Well, this February is known as Geng Yin. That just means yang metal tiger, because we view time in animals and we mark everything with animal names and with element names. So it's a tiger month and I love tiger months because tigers are cool and this month is cool. So I will say that this news post is a bit tough one to share with you because I want to wrap the year into this month as well, but I need to stay on track, because otherwise we're going to be here all day and I know that you've got things to do. So let's stay on track with February.I'll do my best to keep it succinct and give you what you need to do. And be aware that a bigger chat on the actual podcast for the annual 2021 will be coming very soon. So, make sure you hit the subscribe button and stay with me, you don't want to miss what's coming there. Alrighty, let's stay with February. So February 3rd, which was yesterday, why I'm recording this today, was the beginning of our tiger month and the tiger stepped forward with 2021 on its back. And what that means is the actual new year of 2021 began at the same time as this month. Very cool. Now, in case you're sitting there thinking, "No, no, Sam's out to lunch. She's got it wrong. She's mucked it up." No, I haven't. I'm well aware that Chinese Lunar New Year is next week on the 12th. But what we've got happening, what we have that occurred with the tiger as the month of February began, was that it's the new year of 2021.This is what we call the earth plate, so the earth transitioned into 2021. So it's two different things. This is the Solar New Year and the one on the 12th is the Lunar New Year and I'll talk about that next time as well. So let's stay on track with what we're doing now. Now we've got a bit of a tag team going on and one we can relate to and when we all need, because we do need a bit of a pick me up right now, right? We need a helping hand. I so hear you, I'm in the same boat and this month is going to do that. What's great about February in particular is the tiger has put the run on the rat of 2020. Yes, the rat, the year, the shit we've dealt with is on the way out. Not gone, I said the tiger's put the run on the rat, not completely gone. We're still going to deal with some stuff, but we're finally like, "Whew." We've got new dawning, I guess I should say.And yep, a certain finger was raised at that rat and he was told where to go. So it's rather awesome, right? I like that. Now this month, it is incredibly important that you make your intentions for the year clear and I mean, C-L-E-A-R, clear peeps. No, dilly-dallying about, okay? Be focused about what you want to do. Now, for those of you in my VIP circle, you had the dates to release the pain of 2020, cleanse your mind and reinstall a new operating system for the new beginning of 2021 and it worked, didn't it? I know I was completely energized on those dates and it was awesome, so I know you felt it too. Now, if you're listening to that and thinking, "Well, hang on, I didn't have those days." Don't worry, don't worry. This is the month you can sort that out. You can now seize this February month to stake your claim on 2021 as that's what the tiger is here to do, okay?It's going to help you. Now, you are going to be a bit stealthy in the grass. You're going to be a little bit observant, quiet, and then bam, pounce and conquer. Yes, I said conquer because this is not a quiet month. This is an action month peeps. So if you plan to stay low this month and just ride it out, no, no, no, can't do that. This is your action time. Now we have a hexagram and if you've been with me for a while you know that's just a collection of lines. It's six lines and they tell a story, so it's a fancy word for a story. But the hexagram for this month speaks to great radiance, to ideas being illuminated and obstructions removed. Seriously, no one fucks with a tiger, so the tiger is here to help all that happen. I cannot guarantee you that everything you want to do will be smooth sailing. In fact, it probably won't be. A tiger is an animal that's rather aggressive, but you do need to be clear on what you want.If you're clear on what you want, you will get it. If you're not clear on what you want, you're going to be left behind here. So you need to understand that you are a powerhouse this month and your moves are to be purposeful, intentional, and you need to accept there are no mistakes. If you say something else spoken that ruffle some feathers, acknowledge it is no mistake. Your intent was clear, you simply found the courage to speak up. Bravo, my friends, bravo. Now I can speak with this one from the heart, because I made what I felt was a big mistake. And I felt about something, I'd sent something out by email and later in the day I caught what I'd done, I was like, "Oh my God, what a stupid thing to have done. How rude of me to say something in this email." It was intentioned, but it could have come across as rude to the other person.But a good friend, when I explained this, I said, "Oh my God, look what I did. I just can't believe I did that." And he just laughed and he looked at me in his little quiet way that he does and he said, "That was no mistake, Sam. You did that on purpose. Well, not on purpose, you did it intentionally." And I sat back and I thought, "Well, what the heck does he mean?" And then I realized, yes, I actually wanted to get something out in the open, and I inadvertently used this email as a way to do that, to open a door to a discussion. So ultimately, it's good. So I share that with you because we're also in Mercury retrograde, which means communication goes wrong. And this was a classic, I mean, classic of sending something out and someone could have easily taken it the wrong way.And they've been very quiet, so I don't know how they took it, but I've realized it's okay. What I did needed to be done. And my intent was good, so I'm going to stay with that. Now, getting back to the month, if you're wondering, are you wise to be like a tiger? Fast and furious and steamroll your way through whatever you want to get what you want. Hello, have you not been listening to me? No, be stealthy people, be stealthy. A tiger is powerful, but it watches and it waits it's turned to pounce, so I need you to do a little bit of recon and be very observant to what it is you're trying to achieve and then find out how you're going to pounce or think about how you're going to pounce, all right? It's a great month to keep your cards close to your chest. You don't need to tell everyone what's on your mindYou do not need to tell everyone your big plan, your action plan for everything. It's too much for some people to know that. So pull it back in, rein it in and think, "What does the person I'm talking with today, what does the team I'm meeting with today, what do they need to get the job done?" And give them that. So play the cards close to your chest, define your actions with a humble fluidity and become the unexpected when the timing is right. That's what I want you to do. Now do not mistake this as deceitful, I will never, ever advise you to do that. I don't like it. I don't work that way. I don't play that way. I simply wish for you to take care of number one, and you are number one, my friend, you. So put yourself first and you don't have to share everything you're thinking or all your plans to everyone, to all Think about what it is you want to get and how you're going to get there. Of course, you're going to take care of people. Of course, you're going to have fair meetings. I wouldn't want you to do it any other way, but put your needs first, okay? This year, 2021, sneak peek, spoiler alert for the upcoming podcast, it's all about rebuilding, reshaping and putting your head down and actually working hard. So think about what it is you want to do. Now, if you are the strongest, most purposeful version of yourself, then you will inspire others. You will draw others to you that need you, and you can provide direction for those who are lost in the jungle, right? We're talking about a tiger here, a tiger lives in a jungle. So be the best version of yourself that you can be. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to others. Now on a bigger scale and not to the global village, oh my, there will be a rumble in the jungle, for sure.We have a power shift with the month and the year and that always creates succession issues as one power takes over. So we will see some more fighting as something called unfriendly parallel steps up to the plate. This is when someone or something looks like your friend, but isn't. We got unfriendlies in the jungle peeps, keep your eyes peeled focused forward and your judgment sound. I don't want you to become super suspicious of everyone. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying some people may come to you but they don't actually have your best interest at heart and again, put yourself first. If the deal is good for you and for them, great. If it isn't, step away. Because what's going to happen, because we are in mercury retrograde still, you will be drawn back to something.It will hold you back from moving forward and that has no use to you. It'll be super helpful to them. Oh my God, you'll help them out of a problem, you'll fix it for them. You'll be their knight in shining armor or princess in shining armor, whatever you want to be there, but it won't help you. And I'm going to say the tiger's a bit solitary and the tiger, you need to stand alone and you need to make your path forward, okay? You need to look at the jungle and decide which way is your path forward. Like I said, 2021 is a rebuild year and I will share more about that in the annual podcast coming up but I needed to separate it from February. They just happen at the same time, but they've got to be different because they're different things, they're different entities. So I need you to be ready to make new tracks in the earth. One paw in front of the other, stealthily advancing and prepare that low rumble in the back of your throat as you ain't messing around now.You're like a proud parent, staking your claim and owning it outright. Good. All right, moving on. Let's have a look at some Feng Shui for a second. Let's talk about that. Are you ready to hear about two really good areas you can use in your house this month for favorable outcomes? Now remember, when I point out these areas, favorable and not, it doesn't mean you completely avoid them or you completely use them. You can't do that. Your house needs to be lived in, but these two good ones I'm going to share first. What it means is if you've got important phone calls, if you've got an important meeting to be had, or you've got to design something, you go to these areas and you sit there because Feng Shui is like a wifi in your house. You need to tap into it. And it does move. It's not static. Feng Shui is, I'm not going to say living and breathing, but it's alive, it's Qi.So it is a dynamic energy that moves. So each month it does shift a little and your home will have a static, Feng Shui chart. And I don't know what it is, but I do know what the dynamic chart is and that's what I'm referring to here. So in the Northeast of your home, figure out where the Northeast is. It's not rocket science, just get your iPhone out, get your compass out, whatever, figure out where the Northeast is. It's time to celebrate because this area can help you get what you want. So use this part of your home as much as you can, if it's your home office, or just part of your home, use it and firm up that partnership, support your team and set your future on fire because the Northeast has a wifi signal that's good for that this month. Now, another location is the West, okay? If you've been looking for a new income stream, possibly a secondary income stream, use the West area of your home to work on that.Now, it could be a think piece. Maybe you're still formulating this in your mind or you might be ready to action it. Either way, go to the West, either with your notebook, laptop, whatever, make up your notes on what you're planning, or if you're ready to move, make the phone calls from the West to the people you want to partner with, to the people you've got this idea for this second stream of income and get it done. So it's not that money is hidden in the West, you're not going to go find a little treasure chest somewhere. That's not it. It's the wifi that can help you make money opportunities or money making opportunities, I should say, it's in the West this month, so tap into it, okay? Tap into it. It's like knowing that the Netflix signal is strongest in your living room compared to your rec room, so you go watch your favorite Netflix show in the living room because I've said the wifi signal is strongest there. There'll be no buffering, right?No buffering people, no buffering. All right, so I've had two good ones. Let's have two bad ones and yes, I can do math. I know there are eight compass directions, but I only do two and two. It's just the best way. We'd be here for hours if we did all of them. So two places to avoid, what would they be? Well, the Southeast. This is an area to massively avoid, and if it makes you feel any better, this is part of my home office and I'm like, "Oh great, great." Because it can bring blockages, it can stoppages. You are stopped in your track and I've already felt it. Day one, I've already felt it, I just made a phone call on something that should have gone through and it didn't. And I'm like, "Ugh, I will find a way around it though, because I'm aware this is here, so I'll find a way." Now the problem with the Southeast is it's both real blockages and metaphysical blockages.So what that means is in the metaphysical sense, be ready to hit roadblocks. I just hit one this morning. So find a creative way around it, right? That's what I will do. I will figure it out and so will you. The real sense is that it does deal with some weight gain or possibly a small lump. Now, not fun, but you can handle it. I will handle it because now I know. Now you know, now I know, I will be more aware of my body and I will make sure I don't bring any, I'm actually not going to bring my food into my office this month because I probably will mindlessly eat. So I'm going to be more cognizant because I'm not trying to gain more weight for Christ sake, I'm trying to lose some so not the best place to be, but doable, right? Dealable. We'll fix it. Now another area to avoid is the Northwest. This is quite a challenge for February as it's all about the clashing of swords, basically. A lot of metal.It's a flash of a furious tongue that creates havoc and it can be quite destructive, again, real and metaphysical. So throw in that we're still in Mercury retrograde, arguments can rise oh so easily, so down tiger down. Use your smarts and head this off at the nearest jungle pass. And my advice, don't use the Northwest for important discussions. Don't say I didn't warn you, okay? It just ain't going to work. Alrighty, let's move into your horoscope. Now remember, if you don't have your horoscope chart, if you can't find it on my site, qiprosam.com, find me I will help you get it, but just go to qiprosam.com, you'll see the word calculator, click on it and there's going to be a little online calculator to work out your chart because you need to know this stuff, okay? Take a screen grab, keep it because I refer to this every month. So let's have a look, I'm going to talk about some animals that if they are in your birth chart this month, they're going to have a special interaction with you, all right?Now, the first one is the monkey. Now, just to give you a heads up if you're listing and you don't have your chart right at this moment, you would have a monkey in your chart if you're born in the solar year of 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1990 to 2004. And also, if you're born in the August solar month. Now, when I say solar, that doesn't begin on the first of the month or the first of the year. So again, that's why you need a calculator, go to my site and get it. If you have a monkey, hm. All right, all right, all right. You do have a clash this month and a punishment. Two big things, two big deals, but no need to panic as this tells me you're about to swing into action. So do exactly that for God's sake. Now on a side note, I can assure you that 2021 is a great year for monkeys. So again, hang on for the podcast because monkeys have a lot going for them, but you still got to make it happen.And this month you're going to be put to the test a little bit. So this is your ground zero monkeys. Now they say a leopard doesn't change its spots, and they are right. So it's a good job you're a monkey and it's tiger month, isn't it? All right, moving on. The snake. If you have a snake in your chart, it means you're born in the solar month of May or possibly the years, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989 and 2001. Now the snake, what happens here, we've got a harm sliding into to meet you head on and it's beside a punishment too. So again, I'm finding the animals, there's a few people getting hit with a few things this month, and it's most often emotional, possibly a sense of pressure of being overwhelmed. Not quite sure where you want to go and you're questioning yourself and you're a little bit unsure. You have to shake that this month, okay? It's temporary. Get over it, get past it because it's going to keep underlying your confidence and you have to shake that off.So you may have to shed a skin in a sense and birth a new one. So you have some skin in the game too, in the sense of this could be to do with some of your own actions. So it's a great month to seek advice if you're not sure about something, don't necessarily jump off a cliff and go do something. Now, what I want to say for you though, if you've got a snake in your birth chart is, do not be a victim of someone else's shit, okay? And don't take on their crap either. This can overflow to a real harm. So primarily it's emotional. You've heard me. I'm talking about your confidence, how you feel, but it can also be a real harm in the sense of a minor accident. So you need to be a little extra careful when mobile. So I'm talking about car, walking, skiing, cycling, anything in your movement, just be a little bit more aware and you know what? I'm going to throw in something else here too.I would say, be careful with getting a speeding ticket because you'll be pissed off at yourself that you were driving too fast in the zone, so it'd be your own fault, right? It'd be your own fault that you have a problem. So pay attention and don't go too fast. So it's all under your control, I guess is what I want to say. So make wise decisions there snakey, all right? You will come through this. Now I'm actually going to pull back the monkey because I realized I forgot to say something. So I've already said the years, you've already heard it. I will say that you might be feeling a little bit put out. No one wants to play your game. No one seems to appreciate your hard work, ideas or actions. Yeah, I can understand that. And some of it may be true, but suck it up princess or Prince as 2021 is not for whiny people, and the tiger certainly frowns upon such self deprecation.So don't think of yourself as the center of other people's world, you're not. They have their own stuff to sort and don't have time for you. So you think you're a victim, you think that people aren't appreciating you, but they're just doing their own thing. They're not thinking about you, so get your head out of that, okay? Next month they'll appreciate all you've been doing this month. So you may not get noticed right now, but you will. So you got to roll with it for now. I got one more animal for you. It is the pig. So you would have a pig in your birth chart if you are born in the solar November month or the solar years of 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1993 and 2007. So, little piggies out there, do you need a friend? Do you need a shoulder to lean on? You'll get exactly what you need this month and more. It's really good for you actually. It's really good. This is a great combination.You're in a special camaraderie with the tiger and trust me, the tiger has your back 100%. This is particularly good if you're entering new partnerships, if you're trying to collaborate on a new project and build a team as the month supports it. Nice. High five there guys, high five. So whether you take on the mode of tiger or tigress this month, be prepared to stand your ground, okay? Now actually, this is not just for pig, so I'm going to say, "Hey, that's the pig bit. Let's go." What I want to say to you is this February month, is month of the tiger. And yeah, I get a little bit tongue in cheek about trying to describe things for you. But I do want you to be a bit like a tiger or a tigress this month. I do want you to take on that persona because you've got to set your standards for 2021. So set them high.Now the ox moved into position for the year at 10:58 PM on February 3rd, so late at night. So February 4th, we woke up to a new year, which is in this February month. So we've now got the ox and the tiger coming in and working altogether. Now the ox isn't a creature of speed, but she can be counted on to plow a steady path for us to walk, and that's a good thing for our year ahead. This month's tiger is simply going to boost you into action as the year is going to be a long one peeps. It's a year of preparation, of rebuilding and relearning. I can't say that enough. The tiger is your little boost, okay? So I really need you to know that. Now, if it helps you understand what I'm doing this month, because I think it's always good to share stories. I'm looking at tiger month, I watched January, because January, of course was your little sneak peek into the year because of something that was occurring.So you all got a taste of what was happening, good and bad and I did too. And I realized that what I'm going to do this tiger month is very cool, actually. Very cool. Because I've stayed quiet for far too long these past years. I towed the line, I did what other people wanted me to do, what was expected of me and I always put their needs ahead of my own. And I always put their goals, I'm going to say, ahead of my own thinking that they had the right goal. So I should align myself with their goals and do the things that they could see for me. Well, astonishingly, that didn't work very well. That hasn't worked very well for a long time, it's like, what the fuck, right? But guess what? Remember I talked about this the other month. When you have a WTF, you turn it to an SWUN. Do you remember what SWUN is?Okay, so what now? So what now? Well what now is freaking awesome. I wasn't being my authentic cheeky outspoken rebellious me. Well now you're going to get the full monte, you're going to get the full me. So you're going to hear me roar this year and it's going to be awesome and I want to hear you roar. And if you go to my blog on my website, you'll see I put Katy Perry's song, the roar the official song that she did because I think it's awesome. I think when I heard it years ago, I didn't really like the song, but this month it resonates really big. This is your year to go forward how you need to go forward. It's not all going to come together this month. Absolutely not. But if you put your intentions down and say, "This is what I'm going to do." Now for you, that could be writing them on paper. It could be telling a friend, it's whatever it means to you. Get it done, because the tiger is here to hear you roar.

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