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Ooh, so many questions, good job my guest Jamee and I covered all the bases for you ~ check it out here:

Partial Transcript

Sam:All right. Welcome QiPro Podcast listeners. It's QiPro Sam in the house and we're going to talk about the year 2021. And I have a special guest with me today and her name is Jamee,. Welcome, Jamee.

Jamee:Oh thank you, Sam. Good afternoon. Thanks for having me join you on our look ahead for 2021 and what the year has to bring for us.

Sam:You are welcome. Well, we can't look back for Christ's sake. I'm not looking back. Okay. We're not going to go over 2020 again. We're going to go forward. I am so delighted you came actually, because you're one of those people that ask me such great questions and you make me think, and sometimes I'm like, "Oh, I've got to really think about that." Just great question, Jamie. So I thought it would be great for us to go over some things I've mapped out for the year ahead and kind of entertain all the listeners as we go, because you have a great insight into the Qi. You get it. You're one of my favourite people because you get it. Did you know that you can't actually learn Qi? You catch it and you have caught it very well.

Jamee:It's something that you get this feeling and when you start to read or listen or pick up those cues, maybe change your vibration a little bit. You start to kind of really see and manifest the things that are happening around you and you're like, "Oh, that was that." So you kind of have those awakening moments.

Sam:Yes. Life is a lot better once we just actually sort of sit down quietly and listen in. So what we're going to do is we're going to jump in and we're going to talk about the year ahead and forgive me for those of you watching on video, my eyes will go to the side it's because I'm checking my notes. I need to get it right. But Jamie you had a question for me when we were prepping. You went straight in for the... straight in for the big question and you asked me about the type of metal the year it is. I'll just say it first, so 2021 is something called Xin Chou, which is in Yin Metal Ox. So what was your question though? Because it was really good.

Jamee:Well, it was interesting because last year we had a yang metal. So obviously this year is different. So my question was, if you could explain to myself and the listeners, what is the difference between a yang metal to a yin metal that we're seeing this year on the year of a metal ox?

Sam:Very good question. So last year was Geng Zi, which is yang metal rat. This year is xin chou, yin metal ox. So yin and yang, out of the five elements there's always a yin and a yang. And one is, you could say that yin is feminine. Yang is male, masculine, I should say, but it's not male and female. So Geng last year because it was the first word, the prominent word Geng. Yang metal relates to the lungs, and we had the rat and the rat... I mean, I'm sort of going to make it just a bit cheeky, but I think everyone will remember if I do it this way. The rat is known for being famous in the sewers underground a little bit dirty, but very intelligent. So what did we have? Last year we had problems with the lungs, the lungs were the main force there. And we also had something in a Feng Shui chart which is star seven, which is also the lungs. So the lungs were under great stress.Sam:The lungs are no longer under so much stress this year because xin, the yin metal is different. And the best way I'll describe it is it's like delicate jewelry. So it's actually like a syringe. So den de dah, what do we have?

Jamee:Vaccination. Vaccination.

Sam:Vaccination. Yeah. So the pressure is off of the lungs, but it's still there. We're still dealing with metal. So metal is still the lungs what's going down our throat or esophagus, what we're breathing in, it's still a problem. But it's very dim. It's much softer, but I will say one thing it's, and I've talked about it I think a little bit in this month's podcast as well. The yin metal people think, "Oh, it's so much softer." Because Geng the yang metal you were asking about is like a sword. So it's kind of very valiant and everyone goes in for war and they're going to defend the weak and all these things, but it's also very clashing, two swords clashing. It's very fighting. So there's a hope that when xin comes in that the fighting isn't there. The problem is it's still there. So we've still got a year that's slightly challenging and the ox will make everyone group together.

Sam:So it's a bit more purposeful. The aggression that we'll have this year and maybe aggression is not the right word, but it's definitely better. The bottom line is, is better than last year for sure. It's more delicate.

Jamee:And we're moving, right? We've been... had to deal with some pretty heavy stuff in 2020, and really kind of reset and relook at the years ahead of how we're all going to be together, living on this tough planet and kind of working through every single environmental thing that's now kind of come around.

Sam:Yeah, we have to become accountable this year. So that's what this year is about, is becoming accountable. So what the ox will do, so there's the element that you asked about that is the first word of the year. And then the second word is always an animal and there's 12 of them and they just cycle through. The elements and the animals cycle through. So people will say, well, it's 2021, Sam and I'll say, yes, it's just a different way of saying it is saying xin chou but the ox will actually bring people together. So we're already seeing countries working together, sharing vaccines, helping buy vaccines for people. We're going to see that the people coming together. We're actually going to see more groups together. We're going to see... Last year it was about governments, people in power. This year it's more about the people. The people are going to start to take some power back.Sam:And also the xin metal you're asking, the feminine aspect, we actually have the beginning of the women rising. So even though we're talking about 2021, we are very close... We're three years away from a very important period of time where something's going to change significantly and what it is is women will take power. So those of you in the States, watch who's going to be your next president. I see a little hint in three years ahead, and it's going happen around the world too, but women are rising and we're feeling it now. So we're going to see more women take control. Whereas last year it was very much male dominated. This year we're going to see the women step up and say, "Hold on, hold on. We're going to do this better. We're going to make this better." So that's really cool. Yeah.

Jamee:We hope to see, when women start to rise or where we're starting to see everything shift, there's a level like a communication, maybe a better communication that might start to come about, or a little bit of a better eye for details, some different voices to collaborate together to make the shift half-ton happen, right?

Sam:Have you been reading my blog? That's perfect.

Jamee:Yeah.Sam:It's perfect. I'm going to employ you to write my blog next time. That is perfect, Jamie. I actually wrote that. So for those of you that love to read things, there's the transcript, but there's also a blog. Yes, exactly. So the communication will be better because it's softer now. Last year it was aggressive. It was hard. People didn't want to hear it whether it came from a medical professional, a president, whatever, they just shut it down. They didn't want to hear it. It was very combative. It's not so combative this year. The communication will be better and the ox will help that because the ox just... I like to give pictures. So a visual, I would say is we think of an ox plowing the field and that's what this year is all about. It's about plowing off future. We can't necessarily jump ahead and go straight for all the really good stuff. We've actually got to plant it this year. We've got to prep the field. We've got to turn the soil over, break it up, break up our habits, break up this whole shit that happened last year and set it straight.

Sam:So the piece some people will not like is that we have to tow the line. There's a lot of people that I think want to just jump in and get going, and I can tell you in 2022, which is year of the tiger whole different ball game. You can run wild then. This year it's slow, steady, planned steps. It's got to be planned ahead with attention to detail, like you're saying. I'm going to open my note here because you reminded me of something there. Jamie. And what I want to see is the delicate metal. Yes. So it really will take care of the lingering issue of what's been left over from that, from 2020 and... This is funny. I've completely lost my track.

Jamee:Well, I think it's interesting too because you start to see the movement happening when we started into the new year. Last year was stagnant and it was just like, everybody was just waiting and come on slowly turn your wheels. And now we've got the ox, like you say, it starts plowing that field. It's a hardworking animal. Sam:It is. So people often ask about what does the animal mean? And you were talking about that. We have to follow the lead. We have to follow the lead of the element and the animal because they are actually in charge. It's not the prime minister. It's not the president. Doesn't matter what country you're in. This metaphysical aspect is what leads the way. So the best way to get ahead is to follow it. So there's no shortcuts. You have to do the hard work this year, so it's a little bit tiring. So definitely a tiring year. So I've been sort of putting out fires with people for a couple of months now because the year just began in February, but it really shifted into position in December. It started already sort of coming in. And January was a really good Snapchat. So I don't know if you can recall what happened for you in January Jamie, but January was a month where the year kind of came in and gave everyone a bit of a Snapchat. This is what it's going to be. And then it kind of withdrew again.Sam:So I always remind people. Well, reminded people this year. If you met someone in January, if you bumped into someone, you had an idea, collaborations or something follow through on them. They are important. There's a meaning to them. So how was your January?Jamee:It was great. It was a heavy workload. It was a shift year end, obviously that significantly changed from the previous year when COVID came in and locked us all down so we really had to make some major quick decisions to keep afloat through the pandemic. It was great for getting those bubbles of ideas out on pen to paper and getting them down and focusing on intentions of what you're wanting to see for this year and kind of just trusting in that inner wisdom being like, "Okay, 2020 is gone, 2021 is here, is coming into February. We're getting a feel for it in January." Connecting with the people that you were meant to connect with. I really felt all of a sudden I'd be thinking of someone and the next day I'd see them at the grocery store. I'd see them walking down the road or I see them at a red light and we'd wave as he passed by. So just being aware of those surrounding things that were happening to me in January.

Sam:Yeah. That's really cool and I love that you pay attention. I know I always do. I always pay attention a big time, and I knew that when January hit that the year was just going to download and be really quite heavy. So I personally struggled and people in my industry probably did too, because it was a heavy download. What I'm referring to if you've never heard me use that term before is those of us that work in this industry, especially someone like myself, that's a bit of an empath we feel the year come in. And when it comes in, it's like an operating system update on your Mac. It takes a few hours sometimes and it rearranges all your documents and then sometimes something doesn't work very well afterwards and you have to learn new tricks and it's a bit frustrating. That's how the year was for me when it downloaded and it was tough because... Partly because a lot of people have been asking, "It's better, right, Sam? It's going to be so good. The economy is going to be great and this is going to be that."

Sam:And then I'm kind of like, not yet. It just isn't. I'm not going to sugar coat it. After May, things are going to be better for sure and the reason I say that is because in the elemental cycle, they're all related to our feelings, but it's more than just a feeling. What we need to get out of this pandemic, what we need to build the economy back up is fire. Okay. Fire gives us hope, gives us brilliance, gives us spotlight, gives us so much and it gives us wealth. We don't have any fire in the astrological chart right now. It's just not there. It will be there next year. It sort of really begins, but it comes in after May because it comes in, in June when we start into the summer months.

..... so much more to share, go listen!

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