What's The Problem With Mercury Retrograde...?

Okay, I'm pretty sure you've heard a coworker swear under their breath and mutter those fateful words, "That bloody Mercury retrograde," and as you moved your chair slightly away from them, did you wonder what on Earth was making them so mad?

Well, yeah, that's today's discussion because you need to know what Mercury retrograde is, and more importantly, when it is.


All right, so today's discussion is going to be about something that you are really smart to get a handle on because this happens on average three times a year and it's to do with Western astrology, it's Mercury retrograde. I'm sure you've heard those words thrown around. Of course, I'm a Chinese astrologer/Eastern astrologer, but I'm telling you, this stuff is real.

Mercury retrograde is when things go awry. How about I break it down and tell you a bit more, okay? Because we need to talk about this because you need to know how to handle it. In a nutshell, Mercury retrograde is a time when, well, forgive the expression, but shit happens: Communication goes AWOL, arguments fester, electronics especially behave irrationally, and yep, you spill coffee all over your keyboard. Yep. You can generally thank Mercury retrograde for that. It's that kind of a mess.

Now, how about I explain a few things first, so you can see the broader picture? Now, don't forget, you need to copy the dates into your calendar that I'm going to give to you today because this podcast is 2021 and I'm going to give you three times in the year that retrograde is active. One of them is right now, and they do change each year, so each year, I will update the dates, don't worry, but you're going to put these in your calendar. Hold on. Don't miss those.

Now, Mercury is one of the planets we see up in the sky. Okay, I think we can all agree with that. This is not going to be a science lesson. If my daughter was here, she's an astrophysicist, she'd have a great explanation and I'd be very impressed and so would you, but I'm just going to talk about the outfall of it, all right? You can't really see Mercury without special telescopes, but it is there, I assure you. It's closer to the sun than Earth is, and as such, its orbit appears to go fast as it passes our slower revolution, kind of like a car passing you in the fast lane on a highway. However, it's not really passing us, it's just moving at a different speed. I know that sounds contradictory, but keep that in your mind for a minute.In fact, if we think of this car analogy, if we hit the gas and zoom forward, the other car appears to go backward, right? That's actually the really important tidbit: The other car appears to go backward as we pass it. Mercury, the planet, is not actually going backward, it just appears to be doing that, and as it goes past us, it causes a bit of a ruckus in the atmosphere. That is what we feel, that is the fallout effect. Retrograde is just to go back, Mercury is a planet.

If I bring the car example forward again, I do like to make analogies, I think it helps, when a car speeds past us, okay, so we're the ones staying slower, when a car goes past us, it may cause water to spray up off a wet road or spiral dust up off a dry one, right? Either way, either one will disorientate you for a moment and likely cause you to slow down, right? You can't see that water splashes on your windshield. You're like, "Ah, get those wipers going." That dust cloud comes up. Nothing changes that, wipers don't work, you've just got to drive through it. But for that moment, you are temporarily, you can't see clearly, right? There's definitely a heightened anxiety at that time, there's definitely a feeling of fear, and there is a feeling of wanting to put the brakes on.

Aha, now, you've got it. Now, you're hearing what I'm saying. That is Mercury retrograde. You rethink your position in retrograde because just like that car, right, you slow down, thinking, "Oh, I don't know what's in front of me. I need to be careful." That's kind of the point. The keywords in all of this and what I'm sharing is when Mercury retrograde comes in, you have to slow down. You cannot override or bypass Mercury retrograde. It's way bigger than you and I. We are merely passengers along for the ride, so buckle up, peeps.

You may be thinking, "Okay, well, Sam, help me out here. When is Mercury retrograde?" I'm just going to do this one year at a time because it's way too confusing to map out 10 years. It usually occurs three times a year, sometimes can overlap a fourth because it's all to do with the planets. It's not something written in stone. It's very dynamic, it moves, all right, so the joy's of this happening three, sometimes four times a year, but the most important thing to remember when looking at dates for this is to understand there's a warmup period. I know, I'm sorry. I'm sorry to throw this at you, but there's a warmup period before and a cool-down period after. It's most often referred to as a "buffer time."

Now, personally, I pay attention to the actual retrograde. That's when I really buckled down and I'm aware and I try not to do too many electronic things or things on my website or things that involve a lot of technology because I know there's going to be a glitch, or to give you the other side of that, I know if I've got to do work on in the technical side of things, that there will probably be a glitch, so I make sure I've got tech team on standby, I make sure I've thought through what I think could go wrong, and I'm a bit more ready, okay, so you just be a bit more aware.

Now, buffer times are not necessarily as strong as the real McCoy. I tend to think they're not, but a lot of people really do think they're valid, so I want you to consider them, all right? You will feel a shift. A minor occurrence will begin during that buffer time. I would advise caution about one week before and one week after.

2021, what are the retrograde dates?

Well, here we go. I'm recording this February 6th because I suddenly realized you need to hear this, so I thought I better get it out. We entered retrograde, and if you're on my newsletter, you know this, I pointed out, I warned you, we entered Mercury retrograde on January 29th and it goes until February 21st, so we're slap bang in the middle, peeps, slap bang in the middle. Of course, it began a week before, it will start to die down a week after.

The next one's in May, May 28th until June 22nd, then we've got September 26 to October 18th, 'kay, so there's three this year. Now, remember you've got a buffer zone before and after, but those are three key things. Put those in your calendar. Very helpful for a number of reasons. It's usually a time for myself where I don't buy any new electronics.

The big question that comes up after I give people dates is they say, "Okay, well, so what do I do in Mercury retrograde, Sam? Well, my cheeky comment is: "Go hide." Well, of course not helpful. Funny, I know, cheeky, but not really helpful. You can't do that. The world cannot stop operating just because of retrograde, but you are super smart to adjust your actions during retrograde.In the astrological sense, Mercury is associated with water. Because of that, it touches our lives in that area big time. Now, remember, what are we made out of the most?

Water, right?

What's the biggest element on the planet?

Water, right?

This does affect us. This is real. Whether you believe me or some other astrologer or don't, I'm telling you, you will experience this because it happens to the planet and we are on the planet, so we are affected by this, no matter what your belief system is.

Astrologically speaking, water is communication, travel, and pretty much anything that moves, especially in a forward motion. It also includes electronics, as that is how we communicate, right, in the modern-day world, and that is usually the biggest challenge area I see. Like I said, I'm super careful with all my technical side of my business during retrograde. When it's in effect, everything goes backwards in all these areas, and often, more than that, things go sideways.

Okay, so here's my little checklist for you: During retrograde, you need to be extra careful in all your communications. Think before you speak. Hit that pause button. Think about what those words are that are just about to come out. Maybe just bite that back and just think for a second. That's all I'm asking you to do. I want you to draft that email and reread it before you hit Send.

Do you know one of the things that I do if I've got to write an email and maybe I'm a little bit peeved at something, or I'm just tired, it's not a great day, or retrograde, exactly here, but I've got important things to say? I will often, and this was taught to me by really good friends named Kirstie, that I will prepare the email, so I'm going to hit the reply on the email I'm returning, or I'm opening a new email, I enter the person's name of who it is I'm sending the email to, but then I take it out of the to box and I put it into the text box, basically so I cannot hit Send before I'm ready, and then I write my email and I draft it. I just hit Save and I draft it and I hold it, usually for a day, easily for a few hours, definitely, but usually for a day, because I find, especially in retrograde, when I go back to that email and I reread it, I'm usually pulling a few things out because I had my little vent in that draft, and quite often that vent was not correct, but at the moment it felt good, but I'm really glad I didn't send the email.

Then when I've edited it, I take that email address that was copied into the text area, the body, and I put it back in the to box and I hit send. Let me tell you: That has saved my ass so many freaking times, I can't tell you, because we all react in the heat of the moment, and yet later we think, "Oh, no, no, no. The other person was right. Oh, my goodness. I made a mistake," or whatever it is, so this one is particularly, particularly important in retrograde because I guarantee you, the person reading your email is going to possibly read it incorrectly because communication suffers during retrograde, so it doesn't matter what you say or what you meant. How they read it, how they hear it is different, so you have to be a little bit extra careful. That one, that tip there with the email, that's actually a really good tip, so use that anyway, but especially in retrograde.

All right, have someone else proofread PR for release. I've learned this one the hard way. Again, I've been a little bit, during retrograde, I can get a little bit fast and furious, and then if I don't read the release, it's like, "Oh, right. Okay, that isn't quite what I wanted to say," so you just get a second opinion, all right? Again, communication.

Look for your misplaced car keys, again, because I guarantee you, you're going to put them down somewhere and forget, so designate a bowl or a hook or something for important things like that.Oh, this one's big: Resist buying that new iPhone, the laptop, desktop, or any electronic gadget. Now, I'm aware you may not have a choice. You may have to replace something that's broken, but if you don't have to, if you do have a choice, please wait outside of retrograde.

This actually conversation just came up with my son. He's just changing his phone, and actually, he asked me, he said, "Mom, I remember you saying something about retrograde," and I said, "Yes, Mac, actually, unless you need it right now, don't buy it until..." Basically, I told him to get into March. I said, "When you come back from work, get in March, order your new phone," and that's what he's going to do.

Can I say there's a massive difference?

No, I can't prove that black and white to you, but what I will say is you're more likely to buy a lemon during retrograde, and so in a sense, just do your research. If you need to buy something, do all your research, check it out, and then be sure of what you're buying. That's all.

I would say also, test drive that shiny new car you're thinking about, but don't necessarily bring it home, and the reason being, it's not that the car could be a lemon, I mean, it might be, but a car can be a lemon any time of the year. You can just be unlucky with that. It's more that the deal you work out with the dealership is probably not going to go as well as you would like. It may not go in your favour because the communication, what you're saying to the salesman and what he's saying, or he or she is saying back to you, everything's going to get lost in translation. Before you know it, you've bought a car that maybe isn't quite what you wanted, but you didn't communicate it properly, and now you've signed the dotted line and you've got a lease for four years, or you've just bought an expensive car, and actually, you wanted a Jeep, so I always say have fun testing, but don't buy in retrograde.

Check out the latest big-screen TV, absolutely. But again, just look with your eyes. Sometimes we have to look with our eyes and not touch with our hands, okay?

Now, holding important tech updates in your company website. Yeah, I touched on that one. I do hold things like that. Right now, I actually have to do something on my website and I've been putting it off because I know it's retrograde, but you know what? I'll do it. I'll just make sure I've got some key people by my side, so again, life has to go on, I get that, but if you can, default and wait till after retrograde. I highly, highly recommend you do it, it'll just be smoother.

Rethink the new business launch for a few weeks. Now, why would I say that? Why can't you suddenly go launch your business tomorrow? Why am I stopping you from doing that? Well, really, it's not a massive big deal about launching a business, it's more that during retrograde things go backwards. They just do. The planet is going backwards, our thoughts are going backwards, everything's going backwards, so it's harder to go forwards.

Well, a new business is launching and that's what you want you to do is take it forward. It's all exciting, right? You want to open your store, you want to launch your online, your consulting business, whatever it is. You want to go forward and get clients and the whole thing, so you're very forward-thinking. It's going to be harder, okay? It's going to be harder, and probably, the actual launch of your website will hit a glitch and it won't go up when you thought it did or something won't work or the payment gateway goes down or the newsletter doesn't connect properly or something crazy, so just wait. It's just a few weeks for goodness' sake, all right?

In a nutshell, if you decide to buck Mercury retrograde and dive into new electronics, new cars, launching new products online, be ready for glitches and possible lemons, because that is what Mercury retrograde is famous for.

How do we fix that?

How do you work positively with Mercury retrograde, then?

Well, at the end of the day, it's not the end of the world. It's just a hiccup in time, all right? It's just a hiccup in time. How about you make your own lemonade out of the retrograde lemons that I've talked about and ponder these more positive actions? I should take a sip. Review your current position and make sure you are happy with where you are at.If retrograde is going to drag you backwards, then go with it and take a moment and reevaluate where you are. Look at past mistakes and put some focus onto fixing those so you don't make them again.

Reconnect with old friends that you miss and send a lovely hi message. You don't need anything. You're not asking for anything. You're just saying, "Hi, I remember you. I miss you. I was thinking of you." Review policies, procedures, and practices to make sure everything's up to date. Again, look back and think, "Right, I've put those policies into position. Do they meet where I'm at right now?" 'K, and the end of the day, stand still for a moment. I mean, the best way to get forward sometimes is by standing still.

Retrograde has a really bad rap, and while even I admit some of it's well-deserved, we got to keep this in perspective, right?

You can't stop working. You can't stop communicating. Life must go on. But what you can do, though, is approach things differently and ensure you research your new purchase incredibly well to avoid a lemon. Craft those emails exactly like I told you so you're not misunderstood and hit the pause button. More than normal to think things through.

Like I said, sometimes the best way to move forward is to stand still. Mercury retrograde is incredibly useful for exactly that.

Remember, the universe is a big place and we are but a speck on a planet that has a trajectory path of its own making, so best we go with the flow, not against it.

And my work here is done....

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