If you are ready to improve your wellbeing, advance your career and craft the lifestyle you dream of, it’s time to choose where we begin.

Your Personal 2022 Update

Do you know where you’re headed…? Is 2022 the year to make those big changes…? Great questions and ones we need to answer! 2022 is fast approaching ~ order your personalized update today!

Harmonize your home for the wellbeing of your family.

Harmonize Your Home

Sleep soundly at night knowing your home fosters family health, encourages closer relationships, and cultivates financial success.

Guidance to help you find your true path and lead a happy life!

Find Your True Self

Guidance to help you go from feeling lost to finding the path to your true purpose (even if it feels like you can’t fix what’s broken).

Providing home buyers with the unseen information they need to buy wth confidence!

Buy Your Best Home

Providing home buyers with the unseen information they need to buy with confidence so they enjoy the home of their dreams without second-guessing their biggest investment in life.

One on one attention with Sam will take your life from ordinary to extraordinary!

One-on-One With Sam!

Want my undivided attention and expertise to help you make those important decisions you’ve been putting off recently..? Whatever you want, whatever you need ~ I’m yours!

Build Your Dream Home

Create the home of your dreams that supports your family’s health, wellbeing, career and investment and future for generations to come!

Supporting business growth and teaching business's how to gain the upper hand in their industry

Activate Your Business

Optimize your business’s success with a guide to the ideal location, layout and access points. Support your staff and guide their potential for your optimal success!

Coaching entrepreneurs in the metaphysics industry to high proficiency and business success

Elevate Your Consulting!

I will share my 10 years experience with clients worldwide so you can elevate your consulting and coach you with tools that change how, when and who you work with!