Get ready to live your life at full potential and make informed decisions that positively impact your life! The world’s most successful people understand the limitless potentials of Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology, and it’s time you experience the successes they do!

Monthly QiCast Video

Gain the secret advantage with a customized video forecast each month that provides insight and time sensitive guidance to help you make the best decisions and achieve your goals!

Your Personal 2024 Forecast

Will this be the year you achieve your goals? Could this be the right time to act on your dreams? It’s time to find out what’s about to occur for you…

Harmonize Your Home

Sleep soundly at night knowing your home fosters family health, encourages closer relationships, and cultivates financial success. Welcome Feng Shui into your home to live a truly abundant life!

Harmonize your home for the wellbeing of your family.
Providing home buyers with the unseen information they need to buy wth confidence!

Buy Your Best Home

Providing home buyers with the unseen information they need to buy with confidence so they enjoy the home of their dreams without second-guessing their biggest investment in life.

Find Your True Self

Guidance to help you go from feeling lost to finding the path to your true purpose (even if it feels like you can’t fix what’s broken).

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Elevate Your Consulting!

I will share my 12 years experience with clients worldwide so you can elevate your consulting, and coach you with tools that change how, when and who you work with!

Activate Your Business

Optimize your business’s success with a guide to the ideal location, layout and access points. Support your staff and guide their potential for your optimal success!

Supporting business growth and teaching business's how to gain the upper hand in their industry
One on one attention with Sam will take your life from ordinary to extraordinary!

One-on-One With Sam!

Want my undivided attention and expertise to help you make those important decisions you’ve been putting off recently..? Whatever you want, whatever you need ~ I’m yours!

Build Your Dream Home

Create the home of your dreams that supports your family’s health, wellbeing, career and investment and future for generations to come!

If you are looking for guidance, maybe a coach or mentor I highly recommend Sam. She has built a business model around sharing stories, offering advice, and providing detailed information so you can personally grow in all aspects of your life. Sam is an incredible mentor, a wonderful friend, and has taught me so much. I’m forever grateful for meeting her and happy to share my experiences and journey through this lifetime.

Jamee Moffat
Vernon, BC

Sam’s QiPro Forecast help me get in the right frame of mind for the month ahead and help me put things into perspective. A valuable highlight of what to expect. Sam’s energy is always a gift.

Coralie Seys
Vancouver, BC

Sam has the ability to interpret star charts with amazingly accurate personalized insight that comes from years of experience and a strong sense of acquired intuition.

Diana Krauss
Keremeos, BC

I don’t know how she does what she does, and it creeps me out every time she does it, but I sure am grateful and amazed at what you do for me, Sam! I’m not sure I’ll ever understand how you know to text me, to give me one of your famous ‘heads-up’ calls, but I sure am glad you do!

Ms Trish
Kelowna, BC

One of my first thoughts (with my business lady hat on) was that this Annual Update is incredible value! And it is. As Natalie the creative writer hopeful who has been climbing for a long, long time (it seems, anyway), I noticed how reassured I felt to have some reflection on what has been and what’s to come. I believe very much in what you do and I’m most grateful for your time and talents. Thank you Sam!

Natalie Appleton

What a delight it was for me to find your email this morning!! I read my Annual Update with great joy, I had the feeling that you were sitting next to me and talking to me, loved it! I will read it again, but I can already tell you that you’ve hit it right. I really appreciate also the kind gift that you put on my account, this is so nice of you! Very touched by your kind attentions and the great personal comments you added.

Virginie Scaillet

Could we afford Feng Shui with a tight budget and two small children…? The answer is YES! Working with Sam, I realized I didn’t have to know the art and science of classic Feng Shui as she used laymen’s terms so I could understand the basics. I felt safe with Sam and trusted her in our home which I consider our sacred space, and she was most respectful.

Carolyn Dickson

We had the pleasure of working with Sam during the renovation of our home last year. She provided a detailed report on our home and gave us one-on-one support to make small changes that could better support our family’s goals. With her help, we made positive changes to our home and were so pleased when her suggestions for changes created positive results.

Kinsley Koopmans

Our goal was to make our home a relaxing sanctuary that would be peaceful and comfortable. With Sam’s knowledge and experience she developed a plan that would create balance and harmony in our home. Over the next few months we could feel a positive shift in our house and ourselves. Thank you Sam for your zest, energy and honesty, it made our project a fun adventure.

Grant & Lisa

After attending one of Sam’s presentations I began to understand the complexity of Feng Shui. Of course I was thrilled with Sam’s open, supportive and fun personality which invited me to ask for a consultation. To say the least the results are amazing and I am grateful every single day for her recommendations. I feel very blessed to have met Sam.

Victoria Jacob

To my total amazement I noticed immediate changes in my home after working with Sam. There is more flow in my personal energy each day and I sleep very well at night now. I had been struggling with some health issues and they vanished after Sam’s Feng Shui recommendations. When people come into my home the say: “Wow is it ever peaceful in here.” And it is! Thanks Sam for helping create a beautiful outer environment that reflects my inner one.

Cindy Bertrand

Working with Sam is like ordering a cappuccino with a dollop of whip cream ~ you don’t realise the full amazing WOW factor of what you’re in for, until that first sip. And then you realise, you can never go back, and never be without Sam again!

Tony Reda

I heard about Sam from my husband, and was impressed by her honesty, talent, straight-forwardness and knowledge. The results of my BaZi report blew me away. Everything she wrote described my life perfectly and there was clarity for once about who I am. I have so much trust in Sam, which made for a wonderful experience and I would most definitely recommend Sam to everyone!

Deanne Crewe

I hire an accountant to do my books, a lawyer to take care of my business, but had never considered a Feng Shui Expert… Challenged with selling a home with little equity in it, in the middle of a divorce, needing fast results, I decided I was ready to try anything. Sam came through with clear recommendations and insights into what to expect in my upcoming months, and she was bang on! My house is sold, my mortgage covered and then some!

Carla Dahlen

It was fascinating to see the Feng Shui Home Sale report Sam prepared for us, and things fell into place exactly as she said they would. I received far more than I had expected and she answered my endless questions. I felt that Sam truly cared about what I was working to achieve in my home and I would recommend her services without hesitation.

Shirley Higgins

We recently had Sam come to our home and ‘work her magic’! I was so impressed with the Feng Shui report and the clear explanations we could follow and love the changes we’ve made from her suggestions. I highly recommend Sam to anyone who is interested in making their home a place that looks great and feels wonderful to be in!

Krista Ingram

Building our own home was one of the most gratifying experiences we’ve shared with Sam. Given our experience, we would build another home in a heartbeat and insist that Sam was involved in the planning and selection process, once again. To know that each member of our family is well-supported every day is worth every penny we invested in our Feng Shui New Build consult. Thank you Sam!

Kirsti & Hamish Kirkness