A One-on-One Visit With Sam At Your Place!

Looking for some one-on-one interaction with Sam at your place...?

Let's arrange a live check-in to go over those recent renovations, and maybe those questions about love, money and what's really on your mind!

This onsite consult with Sam at your home, office or corporate building is the ULTIMATE deal!

If we are new to each other, and you want to explore options, ask some questions about your BaZi, your home, or maybe your carer ~ this is a great entry point!

If we've been working together, and you want a 'Sam Check-in' to review changes you've made, ideas you have and of course, the famous; "what's next Sam?'" this is also perfect for you!

When I'm onsite with you, I can see firsthand your environment and it's easy for me to provide immediate direction and encourage more positive actions.

The intake form takes care of your questions, so I am prepared when I come onsite, which ensures you have my undivided and focused attention on you.

Because it's all about you, it always is!

Go ahead and click the red button to order this amazing time with Sam!

Consults begin @ $208, and are adaptable for your personal needs.

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