Let Sam Reveal Your True Life Purpose!

Did you know you could pursue a new career, make better relationship decisions, support your health and increase your wealth...?

YES you can! This consult is perfect for you!

My expertise in Chinese Astrology, is one of the most fascinating areas I work in, and most sought after consult I provide.

Self-awareness & self-discovery ~ two key areas that help you make positive changes in your life, and change your future.

BaZi is a word that simply references '8 Chinese Characters' and connects with your birthdate to create a pictorial view of who you are ~ it's truly fascinating!

Your year, month, day and hour of birth have 2 Chinese Characters showcasing them in a unique way, and that's what I decipher to find out who you are.

Together we can view your career, to find out where you are best suited, what your strengths are, and when is the right time to make a career shift.

We can also view your relationships to uncover why you sometimes circle back to the same issue, and how to break that habit...

Curious about your wealth, and how to get more, or handle what you have better...? Yep, we can talk about that too!

Oh, and one of the biggest questions I get asked is about health... a crucial area of your life to know about right!

No money or fabulous job can override poor health, so best we figure out what you need for optimal wellness.

If you're looking for clarity on where your life is, and more importantly, where it's going, this BaZi consult is perfect for you.

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