Build Your Dream Home

Incorporating Feng Shui into the construction of your dream home is the surest way to create the house of your dreams that supports your family.

How about we safeguard your family and your wealth; as Mike Holmes loves to say; “Build it Right!”

How I Help You!

I provide structure to your decision-making process and remove the stress so you can focus on what really matters ~ you and your family!

Building your home with a foundation of Feng Shui will:

  • position your home to receive optimal energy
  • secure access to wealth
  • support your career aspirations
  • harmonize relationships
  • safeguard your investment for future generations

Feng Shui is the art and science of how the environment affects you ~ no stone countertops or expensive appliances required ~ it’s all about placement within the environment!

When we position your home correctly it becomes receptive to energy that fosters better relationships, generates wealth, supports health, and overall prosperity for an abundant life!

What Makes A Home Good Feng Shui?

While you may be thinking of granite countertops, media room and that deluxe ensuite ~ my eyes are focused elsewhere…

If the home is situated correctly with supportive Feng Shui principles, your life there will be prosperous and you’ll be able to update any countertop you want, install the latest sound system, and yes, create that heavenly ensuite!

Even though you may not plan to leave this new home anytime soon, this is part of your investment portfolio, so we need to ensure it can grow its worth over the time period you live there.

Make The Best Financial Decision For Your Home

Do you want to build a house because it matches what HGTV says it should be like…?

Or do you want to build a house that provides your family with an abundant and prosperous life…?

Easy once you put it like that isn’t it… ?

Safeguarding your future is easy once you have A Sam… so let’s get this show on the road and build you your best home

Build Your Dream Home

Incorporating Feng Shui into your new home construction is one of the smartest moves you can ever make! The information you provide here will ensure a successful result, and clarity for one of the biggest investment decisions you will ever make. Please provide as much information regarding the potential build, and send floor plan ideas directly to Samantha.

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Tell Me About This New Construction

Building your new home is likely a dream you have had for some time. Please share with me your ideas, and what you want to achieve with this new build, and together we'll make it happen!

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This online form is our contractual agreement for Sam Plovie to assess and assist you (the client) with your new home construction. Building recommendations will be provided, with follow up communication when needed for contractors/designers. QiPro Sam (Sam Plovie) provides support throughout the build process, and will be available for onsite visits if in Vancouver / Vancouver Island area or travel budget added by client for out of area, with appropriate advance request. All final decisions are the sole responsibility of the client. This contract is valid for up to 8 months.

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Building your dream home is a fun and yet extensive experience. Our consult fee will depend on the size of your home and project timeline. New Builds begin at $3500 and scale up depending on the specific project. I agree to the consult fee as outlined with QiPro Sam (Sam Plovie) and understand that submission of this form and deposit will begin the consult within 45 days.
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