Find Your True Self

What is this guidance?

We are all destined for our own personal greatness, but sometimes life gets in the way…

Choices can become overwhelming and wrong turns made because we don’t know what choice is best.

How do I find clarity in my life?

You learn about yourself, you discover who you really are as you are the key to your success.

Once you are at peace with yourself you will find it easier to grow. You’ll be free to pursue that dreamed-of career, improve relationships, build a healthier lifestyle and increase your financial position.

The world truly becomes your oyster once you step up and stand centre stage!

How do I take control of my life Sam?

We start by evaluating you by your birthdate as that is your life map given to you at birth.

Maps are great, you just may not have been reading it right.

Let’s clarify that.

Self-awareness & self-discovery: two key areas that help you make positive changes in your life and transform your future.

What is BaZi?

Bazi is another way of saying Chinese Astrology and references the 8 Chinese characters within your birthdate.

These characters create a pictorial view of who you are ~ it’s truly fascinating!

These characters further divide into career, health, wealth and relationships. Once we map those out, we can determine what life steps you are best to take.

Once you embrace who you are, you will make more informed decisions that positively impact your life.

Everything shifts once you discover your true path…

Find Your Astrology

Thank you for requesting your BaZi (Chinese Astrology) consultation, I am excited to begin our work together! Please pre-read the questions so that you have the detailed information available to you. Your honesty and trust in sharing this information is the foundation for your successful outcome, so please consider carefully the information you provide.

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Let's get to know each other

Birth Hour
Your birth hour is important ~ a consult without the hour is possible, the hour helps us hone in on specifics.
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Your Desires...

A BaZi consultation will help you become more self aware so that you will make better and more informed decisions that can improve your life. For optimum results, I would like to understand why you are contacting me, so please prioritize which areas are most important to you right now. There is space provided to expand on your answers, introduce a new area of focus, and 'chat' to me.... so please 'chat' away...

What's on your mind...?

How did you find me?

Our Agreement

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I understand Samantha Plovie will provide a personalized BaZi Report based on my birthdate and the information I have provided here. Follow-up conversations are included for a period of 30 days. Consults after that timeframe are invoiced as per Samantha One-on-One Consult. I permit Samantha Plovie to retain the information I provide to ensure a well-rounded consultation. I understand the BaZi report is subject to my own interpretation & application. Samantha Plovie of QiPro Sam is not responsible or liable for any damage, loss of property, harm or personal injury, resulting from this BaZi report.

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