One-on-One Time With Sam!

So tell me, what’s on your mind?

Got some important decisions to make…?

The key to making a good decision is to make an informed decision.

This One-on-One time with Sam is perfect as you look for direction, clarity and next actionable steps!

How do we do this Sam?

During our meeting you will have my undivided attention where the focus is all about you; what you need, what helps you and what is best for you!

Want to revisit your Annual Update so we can discuss what I saw at the beginning of the year?

Need help shifting your focus to make big life changes?

Are you considering a career redirect and want to find out if it’s the right opportunity?

Or maybe you’re looking for guidance on more intimate areas of your life?

Oh my ~ there is so much we can do together, our options are limitless!

A new future awaits, it’s just one click away…

One-on-One With Sam

Looking for some direction this year, maybe help with that new job search, identifying a better career, or maybe it's some relationship help...? How about we book some time to go over your hopes, dreams and desires ~ there is so much we can do together!
  • Our Work Together

    The One-on-One with Sam is perfect for a check-in with Sam, and an opportunity to either go over existing work we've done, or begin something entirely new. This consult is designed for Zoom ~ however if we are in the same area an in person visit can be scheduled. If we are new to each other, some information may be asked for ahead of our time together so we are ready to engage in purposeful conversation and address all your concerns.
  • What's On Your Mind...?

    How about you give me a heads up on how you'd like to spend our time together ~ I want to ensure we complete our meeting with everything you need to succeed!
  • Please give me a basic direction of what you wish to achieve during our time together
  • Our Agreement

    I understand QiPro Sam will connect with me to arrange a One-on-One Consult based on the information I provide here. I understand the conversation is subject to my own interpretation & application. Samantha Plovie & QiPro Sam are not responsible or liable for any damage, loss of property, harm or personal injury, resulting from this consult.
    I consent to the transmission and storage of the information I have inserted into this consult request form.
    I understand Sam will contact me to arrange a mutually convenient meeting time ~ within 30 days of this online request. Submission of this form provides Samantha Plovie of QiPro Sam with a $100. non-refundable deposit.
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