Pro Sam Series ~ Private Mentor Session

Are you working in the Metaphysics Industry, offering Feng Shui consults, BaZi readings, online products, courses and / or possibly more...?

Looking to branch out into the global arena and work with clients remotely...?

Do you need to learn how to assess the Feng Shui a location using online tools, and then adjust to the correct declination...?

Or how about preparing client reports, delivering webinars and hosting targeted Zoom meetings...?

Oh, and how is that social media holding up ~ have you figured out which platform is right for you...?

Advancing your business in times of a Pandemic, where the whole world has shifted online, is not an easy task, and there's no need to do it all alone.

I'm here to help you.

Whatever you need help with ~ together we will work it out!

I remember my first years as a new consultant, oh my goodness, so much to remember, and so many things I forgot (!) and everyone else seemed to have it all perfect.

Or did they...?

The answer is no by the way...

We all begin somewhere, and your best moves are to learn from those that have stepped forward before you ~ follow their lead, but in your own footsteps.

Super important to know it's ok to ask for help, whether it's a skill, reviewing a consult, or providing advice for your business growth ~ whatever you want, I am here to support you.

Let's schedule some time together for a private mentoring session and ensure you have the tricks of the trade!

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