Make Decisions with Confidence

QiCast Monthly Video Forecasts provide you personalized insights that help you make the best decisions, at the optimal time, with the right people!

If Hindsight Is 20/20… Could Foresight Be Too?

Ever looked back over a month and wondered if you could have made different decisions, interacted better with people or been more confident with your actions..?

There is a way to make better decisions, cultivate strong relationships and boost your confidence each month.

The Life Advantage You Need Is Here!

The QiCast forecast system utilizes a key aspect from the day of your birth (called Day Master) to determine how the month will affect you.

Your personalized QiCast provides guidance to:

  • accelerate your career
  • strengthen your financial position
  • boost personal connections
  • build your confidence and claim your future!

With information you can trust, you will make informed decisions that impact your life.

Inside your 30 day FREE trial, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your QiCast delivers to your inbox each month for as little as $12.50 ~ an unbelievable deal that’s less than a lunch out!

And That’s Not All!

Not only will you gain valuable insights into your personal month ahead, you will also get the much sought after unique BONUS content of Hidden Forces absolutely FREE!

When you know the hidden forces behind lucky and unlucky days… you can amplify your energy and assurance.

People Love Their Forecasts

Sam’s QiPro Forecast help me get in the right frame of mind for the month ahead and help me put things into perspective. A valuable highlight of what to expect. Sam’s energy is always a gift.

Coralie Seys
Vancouver, BC

Sam delivers once again in her monthly forecast providing guidance and advice to better your world!

Vernon, BC

Condensed and informative forecast that helps me guide my business and personal decisions on a monthly basis.

Kelowna, BC

I love Sam’s video as her presentation is good and easy to understand. I also use the favourable dates mentioned to carry out important tasks.

WaiYin Wong

The personalized nature of the cast: it is as though Sam is speaking directly to me ~ Love it ~ Can’t live without it!

Vancouver, BC

Interesting insights that allow one to take a break and listen to the Universe ~ My fave was the bonus content that allowed me to use my ‘yay/nay’ days to the fullest!!

Squamish, BC

Sam has the ability to interpret star charts with amazingly accurate personalized insight that comes from years of experience and a strong sense of acquired intuition.

Diana Krauss
Keremeos, BC

How Sam Get’s It So Right

Recognized as a leader and mentor in the Chinese Metaphysics community, Sam has trained with the best and has over 12 years of experience helping people transform their lives.

She provides clients with peace of mind, direction and becomes their rock, their energy Guru who always has their best interests at the forefront of everything she does.

Clients who bring Sam’s awesomeness into their lives pay thousands of dollars for her services and one-on-one time is highly sought after!

These QiCasts give you a personalized piece of Sam delivered right to your inbox ~ absolutely priceless!

Once you have ‘A Sam’ you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one!

Step 1: Discover Your Day Master

If you already know your Day Master please select from the dropdown in Step 2.

If not, simply enter your birth information below, click calculate and your Day Master will be identified for you in the bright pink box.

Step 2: Enter Your Day Master

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