Your Destiny

Ah, now you are entering a rather complex area and if you are completely new to QiMen (Qi Men Dun Jia Destiny) this may contradict what you know about your Astrology chart.

Qi Men Dun Jia Destiny is not the same as your Day Master or your Ming Gua

Your personal Destiny Chart is a plethora of information that I read so I may assist you with life-changing decisions, pivotal career moments and the all important Annual Update I provide you each year.

This QiMen Destiny Chart tells me exactly where you are in your life now, and what your next moves are best to be. Wanna see a snapshot of your QiMen chart…?

A Little Help With Those Techy Bits

Palace of Destiny

This is a permanent location on the compass designated to you at your time of birth. Out of the 8 directions of North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South, Southwest, West and Northwest.

We view your Destiny Palace as a foundational component to your life and will use it to provide a Destiny Reading ~ it’s kinda like the jumping off point…

Particularly useful when looking for a lost item, as this can show ‘where’ the item is geographically

Stem of Destiny

The Stem is the internal influence a person has, and looks the same as in BaZi ~ but it’s different…

In QiMen, the Stem is used to behaviour aspect of the situation being analysed.

There are 10 Stems:

Jia ~ Yi ~ Bing ~ Ding ~ Wu ~ Ji ~ Geng ~ Xin ~ Ren ~ Gui

Yes, their names are the same as in BaZi, but how they work is different in a QiMen chart. They will share the same elemental base. For example: Jia is Yang Wood and Geng is Yang Metal

Door of Destiny

This is almost like a real door, and is connected to the physical realm.

The Door becomes the action part of QiMen and will show if the outcome has a positive aspect, or not…

Star of Destiny

Typically associated with the Heaven realm, this can be used to assess matters relating to weather, timing, and the environment in general.

There are 9 Stars in QiMen:










Guardian of Destiny

There are 10 Guardians of Destiny, and one will be yours ~ bestowed upon you at birth.

This is different from your Ming Gua, or your BaZi Day Master ~ this is a whole other realm.

Your Guardian of Destiny is kinda like your modus operandi and will direct your actions with the characteristics of the Deity.


There are 4 Palaces that can be viewed to find answers regarding the 4 connected areas of your life:

Career ~ Relationship ~ Health ~ Wealth

Once you open a QiMen Door, ya gotta walk through it... So let’s do exactly that!